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Friday, 13 June 2014

A Tasty Filling & Healthy Cake - OH YEAH!

13th June 2014

Look back and smile, it was life and you decided to LIVE IT!

Friday the 13th unlucky for some but I like to think we make our own lck, so we’ll stick with focusing on the positive.  Sun is out, sky is blue and my incredibly BeYOUtiful members helped to raise £246.37 this week for Diabetes UK baking loveliness and proving you can lose weight and eat cake because we’re also getting Healthy & Happy and losing weight, another 391lb lost this week which is a total of 11,475lb (or 820 stone!) You are simply the best and I’m so very proud of knowing you all.  I have to say, I know you shouldn’t have your favourite but mine this week were Frans apple tray bake from the BBC website, Annemarie’s carrot cake from the Everyday Favourite cookbook, oh they were so many, there was an apricot tray bake (from a WW mag) which was also gorgeous and one with swirly chocolate on the top and oh my days, I’m on minus 5 million ProPoints this week, but finally the cake pops WOW, I don’t do sponge, I think it’s kind of pointless, but no get Julie to add a little lemon, but it in a Weight Watcher cake pop mould and cover with white chocolate and sprinkles and I was transported to a very nice tasting place where everything was nice!  I had 2 or 3 I can’t remember; I think I need to go and take that total up to £250.00 though ;-) nice to have a nice round number isn’t it.

I will try and update my Happy Owls website  over the weekend to include some of the recipes baked this week because I’m sure you’ll agree they were to die for, I have blogged a lot of them so if you can’t wait for the update just scroll back over the week.  My last cake recipe of the week is this one because it’s completely Filling and Healthy or the total cake is 14pp, thank you to Deb for sharing;

Filling & Healthy Carrot Cake 
4oz oat bran (12pp)
4oz banana mashed together
3oz carrot grated
2 eggs (2pp)
1 tsp baking powder
Cinnamon & Ground Ginger 2tsps each or to taste
4 to 6 table spoons of Splenda

Mix together and put in a tin and bake on 180 until firm, enjoy.

I’ve really enjoyed this week, I enjoy every week in my meetings but this week was a real ‘together’ feel, we ate cake and chatted about BBQ’s, we had those ‘light bulb’ moments as we talked about how in the past we may have seen BBQ’s as an excuse to have a blow out, after all it’s a “one off” so it’s like a buffet outside, it’s a party after all.  Now we can take back our power and include it into our plan, it’s a meal like any other because we do it so regularly we need to treat it as such.   You can tailor the Weight Watcher plan to suit all occasions and lose weight.

Right I’m off to do work stuff, I have quite a busy Friday planned so it’s a good job I’m feeling energetic despite a bad night’s sleep, foxes everywhere in the early hours barking and making a noise on my front garden, mom was poorly in the night too ;( hey ho she’s sleeping now so it’s all good.  

Happy Friday BeYOUtiful, have a great day. x

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