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Thursday, 19 June 2014

When it all gets too much, breathe & say NO!

19th June 2014
When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you – Patrick Stump

I love my meetings and my members, the things that I hear often make me smile, they also sometimes make me cry but that’s life isn’t it, today though I’m focusing on the positives and I thought I’d share this that was said yesterday, so we’re all talking about the week that’s just gone and one on my BeYOUtiful ladies says;

“I had a brownie tower!”

I reply “Did you ProPoint that?”

Response “I lost 1½lbs.”

What’s not to love about that member, it wasn’t the answer to my question but it really made me smile and yes she’s right if you can lose a pound and a half in a week and eat a brownie tower who cares how many ProPoints were in it! 

So you may have noticed a distinct lack of food photos on my facebook page and blog this week, there are two reasons for that, the first being I haven’t really eaten food worth sharing this last week, since last Wednesday I’ve been off my weight loss game and therefore haven’t really made an effort.  The other reason was what one of my younger members said to me last Thursday, she told me food never came up in her Facebook news feed before she started trying to lose weight and now it makes her want to eat!  Toxic environment, it’s everywhere isn’t it, there is no escape from visuals of food and after posting lots of cake photos last week before of our Bake A Difference event I thought I’d give it a break. 

I was a little deflated yesterday, I won’t go into details but it hasn’t been a great week for me at all, feeling a little overwhelmed by a few things – nothing major or life changing so nothing to worry about – just stuff.  Anyway I’ve spent this week sorting out how I feel about stuff and I will continue to do so, I’m not one to dwell, I work through things and make changes if they’re necessary, because life is too short to be stuck with situations that don’t make you happy!  I’m learning this new word – 'NO', and yesterday I used it for the first time, it took me 4 hours to say it, but I got there and I shall be saying it a lot more.  If you struggle with that 'NO' word, start small and work up, we can do it, if you’re like me you naturally like to be helpful, but there’s a point where being helpful to everyone else means you’re neglecting yourself and then things aren’t good.

So yes as yak as this last week has been, it’s also a good thing because it’s made me take stock and start to make a few changes, I love my life and I won’t be stressed or unhappy unnecessarily.  Tomorrow I will be doing some work but then I will be sorting myself out, I need some healthy food in my house, I need to find some time to clean my house, the ironing still hasn’t been done (ok I don’t want to do it but that’s not the point, I haven’t had the time or energy to do it even if I did want to do it!) 

Prioritising and getting the balance back in my life is the agenda for the next few weeks, Saturday will be my chill out / pamper day and Monday will be my gardening day (Sunday I’m at work), oh man housework might have to wait till the weekend after! ;-)

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, keep smiling even if you’re a woman (man) on the edge, life’s too short for it not to be ALL GOOD!  

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