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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Project Priority WORKS!

22nd June 2014
You aren't being lazy when you take time for yourself. Rest prepares you to be more productive.  Marilyn Suttle.
Project Priority 100% working, I’m back to my usual self, it really is all about balance of work and life for me, if I work too many hours, I really notice the difference because I already do enough for me.  So yesterday I tidied the kitchen before going for my massage so one routine task done then after that I had my 4 hour pamper session at the Chi Rooms I’m now all smooth and chilled and I have painted toe nails.  Went straight from there to garden centre to get me a few more plants which I shall put in tomorrow as that’s Mom day, then sat for most of the rest of the day in the garden – just chilling.

Today however I’m at work, we have an area meeting – our first actually as a new area so I better get this typed up quickly as I have to shower, dress, load my car and pick someone up at half 8.

My eating has gone back to healthy too which is the norm when I’m happy – I even used on of the Weight Watchers trackers to write it all down on yesterday, my day ended like this;

Char-grilled vegetable omelette 5pp
Ham, spread, cucumber on 2 slices wholemeal bread 6pp
2 bottles of becks blue 1pp
Chicken and vegetable kebabs, asparagus, wholegrain pilau rice 9pp
Wine 9pp
Slice of bread and ham 3pp
Milks in drinks 1pp
Total 34pp

I’m pleased with that!   Yep, I don’t stay down for long, if I notice my mood or my life changing in a direction I’m not keen on, I do something about it as soon as possible – life’s too short to be stressed when you can do something about it.

I highly recommend the frozen Char-grilled vegetables from Sainsbury’s, they’re very versatile and two bags for £2.50.  I don’t recommend leaving a can of pepsi in the freezer to cool down quickly then forgetting it’s there, woke up to a slightly ajar freezer covered in exploded coke – oops ;-) 

Hey ho these things come to remind us to pay attention! 

Right I’m off, wanna sort myself out.  Have a super Sunday all, stay BeYOUtiful and remember you can do this, check out this facebook post from last night in my group#

“Went shopping for trousers today and I came home with size 12! Me in a size 12! Unbelievable! Size 28 is a long distant memory to me now ;)”

And another;
“Omg I'm wearing a pair of jeans that I brought 11 years ago.. used them about two times and they got to tight never been able to wear them again until today... so pleased and chuffed they also have a one in front of them and not a two xxx” 

Or this one;
“holiday clothes shoppin 2day and I went into a shop that only go up a 20 - said to my other half "i'll never get in a 20". Tried a lovely dress on and not only fit but looked quite nice!! Happy days. I know 20 is massive BUT it’s all on the way down and I feel fab so that's the main thing xx”

Anything’s possible if you put your mind to it and it’s not all about the final destination, it’s the journey that counts - make yours a great one BeYOUtiful. xx

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