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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Ready for work ;)

3rd June 2014
Do things that feed your soul not your ego and you will be happy! 

I’ve slept that soundly my brains still asleep this morning I think, not got any thoughts in my head to write about!  The only thing that’s remained there since yesterday is “I also have ME!  We were having an online chat about fitting everything in and getting a work/lif balance and how some have children as well as jobs etc, one lady mentioned I may not have children but I have my mom and Alfie to spend quality time with and I replied “I also have ME!” I like to spend quality time alone it helps me recharge, I so needed this weekend doing some ‘ME’ stuff, it’s done me the world of good.  So many moms don’t get that ‘ME’ time so much because the kids are always there aren’t they, that’s why the ones I know grab an hour whenever they can, when they’re asleep or out and if they’re savvy they get someone else to look after them occasionally.  It’s not easy is it to find ‘ME’ time for so many but I still urge you to try.

Yesterday after walking Alfie, I spent the morning working finished about one, then my shopping got delivered so I sorted that out, then cooked us some lunch, we had 13pp of sea bass & gnocchi in a basil and tomato sauce with roast vegetables, very tasty it was too, although not matter how many time I try it gnocchi just doesn’t do it for me at all.  For tea we had a toasted teacake and butter for 10pp it was awesome and perfect as I wasn’t hungry so it didn’t have to fill me up, if it did I’d have needed at least one more!

I spent a lovely afternoon doing a bit of gardening, and then I had a long bath with my book followed by a couple of hours sitting up the garden enjoying the quiet, well half of it was quiet, then mom came back from her walk with Alfie.  So that was Part One of my staycation, it was lovely, Part Two is this weekend, it starts Friday with a day trip to Birmingham with my bestie and her niece (grown up version) but first a full week of work which I’m looking forward to now I’m fully recharged.

I’ve treated myself to a huge piece of salmon (well big for us anyways) it was half price, so I’m looking for a recipe to make the most of it, so if anyone has one email it me.

Right I’m off, short this morning brains still not quite alert but this pint of water is helping…

Eat Gorgeous, BeYOUtiful and remember YOU matter the most!

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