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Monday, 9 June 2014

Let's Make/Bake A Difference in our world!

9th June 2014
When you look at a person, any person, remember that everyone has a story. Everyone has gone through something that has changed them.  

It’s interesting how sometimes things all lead you to noticing something, or maybe that’s just me, but this last week or so there have been many incidences, things I’ve read, programmes I’ve watched and just people I’ve spoken to who have made me realise we’re all a little messed up in some way!  Everyone has their demons, their history or their problems and we all choose to cope with them (or not) in different ways.  For some reason has been something I’ve noticed more over last few weeks, even the book I’ve just finished reading particularly showed how we are all products of our upbringing, our past, things that happen to us and the choices we make along the way, it also showed how we can all see things differently when we don’t have all the facts!  (great book btw The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicker and Sam Taylor)

People fascinate me, I love to read/hear how people cope and overcome stuff, not those “I had a hard life” stories that you buy that always have a small child on the cover and talk about abuse, I can’t read them, they’d disturb and upset me, no I like happy, I don’t like to read miserable stuff, there’s enough of that in the world without reading more of it.  I’m guessing there’s a reason I don’t like to dwell on the negative and if I was analysed no doubt someone could tell me but I’ll just stay content with the fact I don’t like to dwell on sad I’d much rather focus on how to get happy and make things better, maybe I was just born that way or maybe something happened – who knows!

This conversation isn’t really going anywhere I just needed to write it to process the thoughts in my head; I guess the reason I’m writing it is just to say try to understand people, not judge them, we’re all so very different and yet the same and I like to think no one is naturally bad so everyone deserves a chance; everyone is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.


Anyway cheering the mood up, let’s talk cake! This week is Diabetes Week and the theme is I Can!  It’s focusing on people who are living with diabetes and the challenges they’ve overcome along the way.  Diabetes UK is Weight Watchers charity of the year and for good reason, Weight Watchers, a programme which encourages people to make healthier eating choices and to increase physical activity to achieve long-term weight loss, are inspiring others to ‘Move More for Diabetes UK’ and raise vital funds in the process.

So this week to help raise funds in meetings we’re having “Bake A Difference” events.  REALLY!  CAKE & DIABETES, how’s that work then you may be thinking well let’s get real here, we live in a world that overeats, we are people who enjoy eating sweet food and trying to get people to not do either isn’t proving very successful is it!  My mom loves sweet stuff and if I told her she couldn’t have it again, she’d sneak it in the house, I know she would.  So instead of excluding it altogether, let’s get people to realise you can have your cake and eat it, you just can’t have it every hour on the hour, it’s all about balance!

There are lots of cake recipes on the Diabetes UK website, this info is taken directly from there http://www.diabetes.org.uk/;

“There's no need to throw away your favourite cookbooks because you have diabetes. You can modify your recipes by reducing the amount of fat, salt and sugar, and increasing fibre. High sugar and high fat foods do not need to be excluded from your diet altogether if you have diabetes.

The myth that people with diabetes should not eat any sugar still persists, but people with diabetes can eat sugar, but sugar should be limited as part of a healthy diet, good blood glucose control can still be achieved when sugar and sugar containing foods are eaten.
Dietary management of diabetes depends more on eating regularly and including starchy carbohydrate foods like pasta at meals, and including more fruit, vegetables and pulses in your diet. The main thing to consider is the overall balance of your diet - with the emphasis on long-term health and weight control.”

We can all eat food with sugar and fat in as long as it’s in the correct quantities and there’s a balance of all the other food groups.  Yesterday I made scones and shortbread, did I have a ‘special diet recipe’ nope, I used the ones on the BBC website which are what would be in every good bakers cook book I’m guessing, although I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed by the scones, there’s a Weight Watcher recipe somewhere with yogurt in the ingredients that’s much nicer.  The scones worked out at 3pp each and the shortbread biscuits were 2 for 3pp.  I also realised that if we had to make/bake all our own niceness we wouldn’t eat anywhere near as much of it as we would when we just buy a packet from the shop because it takes more effort!

Today I’m going to make my rock cakes for the meeting, they work out at 4pp each if made with low fat spread or 5pp each made with butter, I’m opting for butter because I’d only have one with a cuppa and then I’d share the rest out – I only bake when I know they’ll be plenty of people around to help eat them!

Anyway I’m waffling now and I have cakes to bake, have a great day, enjoy the sunshine and the rain – you can’t beat a bit of balance in the weather too I guess!


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