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Thursday, 23 June 2011

I can see a rainbow...

23rd June 2011
I always see better with my heart.

My members never cease to amaze and inspire me, you truly are all incredible.  Yesterday in my morning meeting Sue reached her 4 ½ stone which in itself is stunning, she’s had a few bad weeks then this week lost 4lb which was brilliant, when I asked what she’d done differently this week, her reply, “I put myself first”, that was also her advice for anyone who’s struggling, remember your reasons for wanting to lose weight?  Stop for a second now and answer the question, “Why do you want to lose weight?”  Some of the reasons posted on the facebook wall yesterday were;

“I want to lose weight for health reasons and because I want to be around for a long time to come yet to annoy people x”

 “I want the old me to come back!! I have had 3 children in the last 3yrs and its taken its toll on my figure lol I've never been small but I've never been this big either!!! I want my confidence back and to be able to wear nice clothes again!! And also I want to be around for my babies and see them all grow up into young men! I wanna be a yummy mummy ;D xx”

“When I look in the mirror I don't see me. I see the wife & mother not Sharon & I want her back!”

"I want to be healthy!”

"I want to be active and not embarrassed when I put on my swimming costume when I take my kids swimming”

 “I want to look and feel sexy, enjoy the complements that others give, enjoy buying normal size clothes x”

"I don't wanna be the fat mom at the school gates! i wanna be able to feel confident wherever i go and my kids to live a healthy life because of what i show them x”

"I want a makeover when I get to goal ! Ready for the confident .....Me...!”

"I just want to see something nice in mirror!!”

All good reasons, although I’d like to say you’re all already sexy, that’s more a state of mind than a physical appearance thing, and you can decide to be confident right now, I’ve been two stone lighter than I am now but wasn’t as confident, now I love what I see in the mirror and if someone else doesn’t like what they see, they can always look the other way. Xx

One of my members was insulted via facebook yesterday by someone she didn’t know, they judged her on her size, this is a reflection on her not my member, when someone says hurtful things it’s really difficult not to take offence and be upset by those words, however you can choose to ignore them, remember no one can hurt you without your permission.  And this person didn’t know my member, I do and she’s gorgeous, intelligent, funny and kind so that girls missed out on a fantastic opportunity to make a new friend, her loss.
The other question I asked on facebook yesterday was, “What advice would you give to a struggling member, a few answers were;

“Keep trying and stay focused, iv gained the past 2 weeks even though i did lots of activity and tracked, not feelin confident about wi but I will be there tonight, iv hit a wall but I will eventually climb over it!! Everything worth achieving takes time.”

“Never give up and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just cuz you've on weightwatchers for a while doesn’t mean you remember everything said to you, if you don’t wanna ask for help, then stay after meeting for the new member talk :)”

“Don’t lie to yourself! write everything down you eat and i mean everything.... I do! even when i pick off the kids plates, I write it down, sometimes probably more points than what it is, but I know I’m covered...and never give up...we all have bad wks. i know i have...but keep head up and carry on, if u make a mistake try to forget it and carry on the next day. we can do it!!!”

“Keep at it - & I know it's boring but WEIGH EVERYTHING!”

I think we all agree it’s worth the struggle, worth sticking out until the end because you’re worth it.
I saw a rainbow this morning, there’s always a pot of gold at the end of those too. xx

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