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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Giant grapes & going overdrawn!

11th June 2011

Andrew Lloyd Webber was right, “Love changes everything”, so try loving yourself (Bev Longsden)

Well I’m thrilled to say my blog’s getting so popular, yesterday I had to pay for the daily emails to be sent because the distribution is now too high for the free version!  So if you do enjoy receiving these emails, please consider donating 50p or a £1 to help me cover the costs in the coming months as this is something I do (unpaid) as an extra to help you all, to donate click  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=HQD84DR8MTK38 Also remember there's also my www.happyowls.co.uk website with lots of ideas and recipes.

What an absolutely glorious morning and extra fabulous because I’m off out with the girls, can’t wait, so looking forward to it – yay!  Yesterday was a great day I didn’t rush anywhere, got all my paperwork do at a relaxed pace, then went to Cannock and bought some fabulous fruit off a stall that’s there Tuesdays and Fridays, such good value, 2lb cherry tomatoes for 1lb, cherries a quarter of what you’d pay in a supermarket, so now I have lots of fruit to keep me on track this weekend.  I also purchased the biggest grapes I’ve ever seen in my life, larger than 50p coins and sweet as sugar.

Alfie doesn’t do Saturdays and woke me at 4.44am, this is the universe’s idea of humour as number 4 is my favourite number and I can guarantee he wakes me up regularly at that exist time – spooky eh ;D.  This early rise meant we were out and about at 5ish and have already earned 1pp on the old wineometer, which I’ll need today.  I almost a lot of my weekly/activity ProPoints last night but still have 25 activity ProPoints left.  Foodwise I shall be okay today, as we’re having a bbq but Chantels got seabass for us and lots of salad and I’ve got all that fruit so it’s just the vino that’ll be the thing to watch!  Then there’s a carvery to cope with tomorrow, but I’m going to limit the damage as much as possible. 

Think about it, if you were overdrawn by £20 at the bank, would you think what the hell and draw another £100 out?  No of course you wouldn’t because you know you’ll be paying for the privilege well the same thought pattern should be used for your ProPoints allowance just because you go over by a few ProPoints doesn’t mean you may as well think, ‘sod it’ and just carry on consuming more, the ‘sod it’ syndrome is a dangerous disease and one you don’t want to catch because at the scales the symptoms can include tears and weight gain.  So if like me you know this weekends going to be difficult because of your plans, try and work out how you can limit your ProPoints overdraft.  What helped me yesterday was carrying my track book around with me and every time I went into my handbag I was reminded that I wanted to lose some weight and could see what I’d already had and how many ProPoints I had to play with.

Also talk to people, make sure they know how important it is to you and give them ideas of what you can have, my mate was planning a bbq with burgers not realising how much damage they would do me, and she has no idea if coleslaw is high or low in PP!

This weekend, keep reminding yourself you’re following the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan for a reason, and remember what those reasons are, WHY did you join Weight Watchers, why do you want to lose weight, what is more important to you how you look and feel or that food that’s about to tempt you to go overdrawn!


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