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Monday, 30 August 2010

August 29th 2010

Your body is not an object for people to look at and judge!

Short message today because I'm at the spa waiting for my breakfast in our room - it's a hard life isn't it.

I've just been reading cosmopolitan and there's a special in there about 'love your body' and perfectly timed it is too as after a shopping trip on Friday mine had taken a knock. It's so frustrating when you can't find clothes that fit or suit you and it did start to get me down.

However after spending yesterday at the spa in a robe and swimming costume and reading the article this morning I'm back to me and being happy with my body whatever it weighs.

I even got words of wisdom from my mate Katie who's the youngest of our group but she was the wisest yesterday. Whilst we were sat in the infra red sauna room trying to burn off the allegedly 500 calories it promises (mmm) she announced that she doesn't care anymore, she's happy to have a body that works and life's too short to worry about it all the time! Yay to Katie, how true - eat well, move more and love what an who you are always!

And when shopping just keep reminding yourself everyone is a different shape so finding an outfit isn't going to be easy. Or Do what I did buy a new hand bag and sunglasses they'll always fit ;-")

Remember life starts now (& keep reminding yourself of that fact!)

Are you living yet?

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