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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

25th August 2010 - facebook email

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

Yay, midweek already – loving it. And only one more week of the dwarf demons in my meetings I do believe ;0) Whoop Whoop!

I’m going to the Chinese Supermarket in Birmingham today to purchase a new wok and some special ingredients, check me out, getting all Delilah in the kitchen. Made a delicious carrot soup yesterday, just boiled carrots, added a couple of vegetable stock cubes at the end and a bit of dried ginger and garlic. Blended together then reheated and stirred in some – wait for it! Sweet chilli sauce, spoonful of runny honey and coriander and it was delicious. Apparently I have been told my taste buds are weird – I totally agree and hopefully so is everything else about me, I don’t wanna be normal! I also don’t want to be naturally slim!

What you ask? Why not?

WHY don’t I want to be naturally slim, because naturally slim people usually don’t appreciate and enjoy good food like I do. I love food and if constantly battling with my weight is the price to pay for the enjoyment I get from a delicious 3-course meal in a fancy restaurant – it’s worth it.

One of the great things about being in the zone, eating healthy and losing weight for me is that because I’m not eating so much, what I am eating I really enjoy. Yesterday I nipped into Waitrose and bought a posh pancake stuffed with cheese, bacon and potato, it was 7.5pts and delicious, and because I had it with a bowl of soup, I was souper-satisfied – pardon the pun ;-)

So as I mentioned I’m off to the Chinese Supermarket, I wonder if you can buy fortune cookies there??? What thought would you like to stick inside a fortune cookie?

Here’s a few suggestions;

- Life is only as boring as you are.
- Better to shoot for stars and land on moon than shoot for a mountain and reach it.
- To find yourself: Get lost.
- Like flies to poo, people are drawn to your smile.
- Wear lots of purple.
- Insulting others says little about them. Lots about you!
- The blame game has no winners.
- When you are 80 years old, your job won’t hold your hand, your friends will!
- You will be happy when you stop telling yourself, “I’ll be happy when…”
- None of the secrets of success will work unless you do.
- It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a bad example
- A woman who seeks to be equal with men lacks ambition. Ouch!!!

What thought would you like to stick inside a fortune cookie? Post it on the wall…

Remember life starts now....

Are you living yet?

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