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Sunday, 8 August 2010

8th August 2010 - facebook email

The way you describe your day becomes your day. Always answer a greeting with “Excellent” and see what happens!

What is a diet without a bit of cheating? The fact is most people cheat on their diets, so why not incorporate that cheating into your plan, and then you won’t feel so guilty. Being deprived of your favourite foods is hell when you’re trying to lose weight and change your habits. But instead of the quick fixes, make Weight Watchers a diet for life and realise you have to make permanent changes and in those changes you want to include the good stuff too. We all know we should cut down on the fat, salt and sugar in our diets, but we also know that’s what makes food taste good. You might be surprised to know that our primary source of salt isn’t junk food but grain products such as cereal and bread! Eating bread that contains no salt is a bit boring like eating cotton wool! The key to cheating is to do it in moderation, we know a diet entirely made up of healthy whole foods will ensure you a long, healthy life, but add in a few cheats every now and then and it’ll make sure that life’s a happy one too! Never eat what you don’t enjoy!

I had a day of rest yesterday (it’s good to slow down sometimes) and the only time I left the house was to go for a massage, but I stopped at the shop to get me a magazine and I was looking at the covers, “Shed a stone in 14 days”, “Lose weight fast”, “Pound off the pounds” BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, I am guilty to admit I picked one up and looked at one, then quickly shut it when I saw that it included stupid food that took a lot of preparation and foods I wouldn’t typically eat. There are changes I’m prepared to make and changes I am not! And preparing and chopping fresh fruit every morning is not one of them, sorry, my life doesn’t have time for that. So today as I’m still feeling a bit rough and the voice hasn’t returned yet, I’m going to get all my books out and put together a quick and easy week on the plan, when it’s finished I might just share it with you all! Or even better you could put your own together, because we all like different things don’t we! And if you do send them to me and I’ll put together a little book of weekly plans – now there’s an idea for a charity fundraiser ;-)

Back to the idea of slowing down, did you know there’s such a thing as Hurried Woman Syndrome (HWS) which was first identified by a Texan Doctor in Britain in 1995! Mahatma Gandi once commented that, “There is more to life than increasing its speed”, how true! 10,000 women were questions and it was discovered that more than 75% of them showed signs of HWS. Are you wondering what the symptoms are, or do you reckon you already know. You probably won’t be surprised to ear that hurried women are overweight, tired and have a low sex drive! So today, slow down as that’s the treatment I would recommend, there’s not many things that won’t wait, remember dull women have tidy houses, no one will write on your headstone “She hovered every day!” Stop trying to be the perfect wife, mother, employee – set priorities and realise your limits.

If you’re shouting at the screen, “I haven’t got time to slow down” then you really do have HWS! Slow down and smell the roses, look at the sky and appreciate the blue (or grey this morning). Today stop and take a few minutes, if you haven’t got a rose to smell, stop and appreciate something equally beautiful – maybe yourself in a mirror!

Remember life starts NOW.

Are you living yet?!

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