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Friday, 13 August 2010

13th August 2010 - facebook email

It’s taken me until now to understand that I don’t need to understand everything!

Late with my email this morning, Alfie insisted on his walk first and we’ve been out an hour because I’m not in a rush to be anywhere, which is great. I did have a busy day planned but it’s been cancelled so I can chill and take my time – result!

So the weekend is almost upon us and I know from experience this is almost everyone’s time for struggling, some of you are off on holiday so will have double whammy of struggling, or you may just decide to enjoy it and start again on your return. Others will have just returned from their holidays feeling a bit yuk, you miss being there and now maybe you weigh more too ;(

Even if you overdid it, it doesn't mean you've blown your entire weight loss effort, accept the setback and get straight back to it. Up your fruit and vegetable intake, ideally, consume at least five fruit and vegetable servings per day. These vitamin-rich foods boost your fibre and antioxidant intake and help you feel full. Why not replace that mid-afternoon can of pop or bar of chocolate with a medium orange as a snack.

In addition arrange some exercise time, schedule it in then you’ll be more likely to stick to it, if you’re going on holiday or just have the weekend free, you can still do this. Try to get in 30 minutes almost every day if possible; this can be a walk round the block twice a day for 15 minutes!

Most importantly remember “Don't Deprive Yourself” focus on what you're going to eat rather than what you're not. Don’t skip meals trying to get quick results - it doesn’t work!

Wherever and whatever your plans are this weekend, why don’t you decide to make every day a holiday!

Everyone deserves a holiday! Why not inject some feel-good factor into your everyday routine.

If everyone else is counting down the days until they jet off to the sunshine, but all you've got in your diary is a doctor's appointment and a reminder to pick up your dry-cleaning, don't despair...

The feel-good factor that comes from skipping work and absorbing the rays can be injected into your normal routine, whether or not you have booked a holiday.

So mix yourself an exotic fruit juice, and learn to relax and enjoy life as if the rat race was a million miles away, every day.

Conjuring Up the Holiday Feeling

Lie down and do nothing: It doesn't matter if your sun lounger is in your living room or if you just find a patch of grass in the park, doing nothing is good for you. Yoga experts recommend lying on your back with your heels together, and your arms 45 degrees from your body, palms-up.

Imagine yourself far away: Stretch out on the patio, in the park, or even in your living room, and put on some world music to create a holiday atmosphere. Anything from Senegalese to Spanish will do. Browse the world music section of your local music shop or library for inspiration. We take holidays to experience the exotic so why not introduce diversity via your Walkman or iPod?

Fake it: Looking like you're relaxed and sun-soaked could help you feel more chilled and relaxed. Slap on some self-tanning lotion, or book a St Tropez session at your local salon, and dig out your floatiest summer frocks and little cardigans to get the holiday buzz every day.

Go out mid-week: Throw caution to the wind and partake in some mid-week decadence. Dress up and go out for dinner to your favourite restaurant - or for drinks and a show. It will break up the week - and give you something to look forward to.

Bare it: For poor sun-deprived Brits, one of the greatest luxuries of being on holiday is feeling the sun on our skin. So be adventurous - do the gardening in your swimming cossie, the shopping in your shorts, and trip to the office without tights. Remember to slap on plenty of high-factor sun cream and wear a hat.

Explore your surroundings: Change your walking/jogging route, or take a Sunday drive to somewhere you've never been before. You won't believe what's just around the corner.

Do the tourist thing: take some photos of the family or friends while you are out and about. Then share!

Cook yourself out of the country: Experiment and exchange your usual recipes for an exotic dish. Use coconut, coriander and cayenne, to spice up your life. Eat outside.

Whilst the days are longer, have some friends over to sample your sundowner cocktails. Combine 100ml champagne and a vanilla pod or fresh strawberry - to create a delicious alternative to the usual sweet and sticky concoctions.

Just remember, if you can't get to the Med you can create your own paradise instead!

Remember life starts NOW.

Are you living yet?!

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