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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

24th August 2010 - facebook email

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. - Yiddish proverb

Are you struggling at the moment, or are you in the zone? Are you happy with whom you are? Being happy with yourself is one of the best skills you can master to help you get to your goal!

Treat yourself the way you would treat the most important person in your life because believe it or not – YOU ARE! To be happy you need to learn to appreciate, be kind and loving to yourself. If you make a mistake, forgive yourself. See challenges and mistakes as learning experiences and move on. When you experience success, celebrate it.

Have you noticed it is much easier to feel happy when you feel well than when you are feeling ill. It is important to pay attention to your body and treat it with respect. If you are feeling very tired, give yourself some time out. If you are stressed, relax and/or meditate. Aim for balance in your life – equal amounts of everything and not too much of anything, by trying to make sure that you have a good diet and are moving more by doing something that you enjoy you’re more likely to feel well and happy. Spending time outdoors is another great way to relax and revive, go for a good walk – you don’t need an Alfie for that! We’re driving to Snowdon hopefully on Friday for a walk, just the once up this year though ;-)

Another way to get happy is to learn to laugh at yourself and find humour in testing situations. Life is full of challenges and if you take them too seriously it is easy to become frustrated and depressed. It is important to develop a sense of humor and to see the quirkiness of life. Laugh at crazy situations, as it’s hard to be unhappy when you’re laughing!

I’ve found my weight a battle this year, it’s taken me till now to shift my Christmas gain, but instead of treating it as an issue, I’ve just smiled and tried, and guess what suddenly I’m in the zone and losing, getting closer to my goal everyday and enjoying it. I’m enjoying eating good foods and spending time planning my meals and cooking.
So today choose to be Happy no matter what the day throws at you!

Remember life starts now....

Are you living yet?

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