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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

10th August Tracker - time to get healthy!

So after watching last nights Biggest Loser and looking through some awful trackers I've been reminded its not just about the weight loss it's about feeling well, being healthy, having energy to do the things you want to do and getting to live longer!  So today's the start of my new "Healthy Me" plan!  Watch this space ;-)

So the morning started well with -
40g porridge 2pts
Weight Watchers orange + nectarine yogurt ½pt

1 pint skimmed milk for drinks and cereal 2pts

When I got home I decided to do something with pasta, and I did consider hotdogs, so weighed out 4 which came to three points, so weighed out 3 points of ham and realised you get a lot more ham than hotdogs, so Alfie got the dogs!  Cooked 120g dried pasta with frozen mixed vegetables for 10 minutes, at the same time, weighed out 2 points of philedelphia light, crumbled a chicken oxo cube in approx 200ml boiling water and mixed together in a pan whilst warming up on the hob.  Drained pasta and veg and mixed into sauce with ham.  Delicious for 5½pts each portion, served 2.

Mmm both work out at 3 points, I know which I'd opt for everytime.

Five and a half points of tasty - if I do say so myself!

Tea was soya mince and taco seasoning topped with cheese in a pitta bread and lettuce.  Not bad at all for 7pts.

Great day, not quite my five fruit & veg but not far off!

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