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Monday, 2 September 2019

#SelfCareSeptember Day 2

Monday 2nd September 2019

You are your first responsibility.

Now the thing with self care is a lot of us think of the time we would put aside as self care is wasting time but it isn't!  Also what one person would see as self care another wouldn't, a manicure for example, I wouldn't thank you for one, but I know lots of ladies who would love one.  Therefore the best self care ideas are things that resonate with us on a personal level, so many of us have forgotten how to take care of ourselves!  

We've all heard the 'you can't pour from an empty jug' saying and it's true, which is why you should be at the top of your to-do list.  Some self care stuff we do automatically on a daily basis because we know it's important like washing and cleaning our teeth.  Self care shouldn't be another horrible thing on our to-do list, such as 'exercise' if you hate the damn idea of it.  I think the word EXERCISE is what puts us off, I don't think we all hate the idea of moving, we've just got to find a way we enjoy and not feel we have to do it daily.  What did you enjoy doing when you were younger?  Dancing, skipping, find something you enjoy, I enjoy a good walk and exploring new territory, that's definitely self care at it's finest for me. 

Self care doesn't have to take up loads of time either, it could be just taking a minute to put the kettle on when you're crazy busy and stopping for a cuppa or for me right now being bothered to stop long enough to go and get a glass of water.  

Today's task is simple, make a list of self care ideas and things that will work for you, don't worry I'm going to give you some ideas.  Get that notepad from yesterday (if you didn't read yesterday's blog, go back and start there https://wwbevsworld.blogspot.com/2019/09/selfcare-september.html) and write down the things that appeal, sometimes doing something that you don't particularly enjoy though can have beneficial results, for example I cleaning out the wheelie bin, didn't enjoy it at all but now I won't get maggots in it again - yeah we had them, vile! 

Once you've wrote a list of self care ideas, you could get yourself a jar and re write them on individual slips of paper and put them in the jar, then when you need an idea, just pick one out of the jar and do that (you can always put it back in and choose another one if that's not what you fancy - you're taking care of you by doing what you fancy remember).

Ideas and feel free to add your own of course

1) Watch a movie
2) Go for a local walk
3) Sit outside with a cuppa or a glass of something
4) Stand in the rain
5) Do 1 thing at a time - multitasking can be very stressful
6) Listen to some music 
7) Dance round the kitchen
8) Have a long shower
9) Enjoy a bubble bath
10) Pamper yourself with a face mask
11) Read a book
12) Cook a delicious meal
13) Spa Day
14) Massage
15) Walk in the woods 
16) Climb a hill 
17) Have a takeaway
18) Do something crafty
19) Do a puzzle (jigsaw / crossword / sudoko / wordsearch
20 Have a bar of chocolate 
21) Have a cuddle 
22) Do some Colouring, buy a book or print one off online
23) Meet a mate for lunch
24) Arrange a night out 
25) Book a holiday 
26) Do a random act of kindness
27) Turn your phone off 
28) Workout in a way you enjoy
29) Go swimming 
30) Tackle something on your must do list 
31) Write some stuff on your happy list
32) Write a letter to a loved one
33) Watch a comedy 
34) Enjoy the sunrise / sunset
35) Go to the cinema
36) Book a theatre trip
37) Plan a day trip
38) Start a bucket list  
39) Meditate
40) Go play on the park like a big kid
41) Do some gardening
42) Go for a walk and take photos with your phone or camera 
43) Doodle / draw / paint a picture
44) Cook a delicious healthy meal
45) Eat ice-cream 
46) Make a play list 
47) Start a favourite quotations page in your notebook
48) Burn a scented candle 
49) Start a gratitude page in your notebook
50) Go for a potter round the shops
51) Treat yourself to something nice.
52) Go and sit in a coffee shop or a bar and enjoy a drink
53) Put your favourite clothes on, get dressed up
54) Get your hair done
55) Declutter a room
56) Clean out your kitchen cupboards 
57) Have an early night, get some sleep
58) have a lie in! 
59) Do something that makes you happy - anything.

That's enough to get you started.  

 - so go write your own list!

That's not too difficult for a Monday task, you can also add to the list throughout the month, no rushing required. 

Did you do yesterday's task, it's been lovely to see what some of you wrote on Facebook, I did mine whilst walking Alfie, so I printed it off and stuck it in my book, then add more handwritten things later, this was what I wrote for starters;

What matters most in life 

Being content, I was going to write happy but it’s impossible to be happy all the time, I’ll settle for content. 

Being able to pay my bills and afford my life, 
not going hungry and enjoying good health matters to me. 
Making my moms final years as comfortable as possible and helping those I love and care for when I can. 

That I do things that I enjoy! 

Sunshine list (in no particular order, as I see or think of them)

Audio books
Alfie when he’s in the mood for a good walk 
Alfie full stop!  He’s a lovely little shit
Clear blue skies 
And of course herons
Blue tits and other small garden birds
Glorious hanging baskets
Dew on the grass
Garden flowers 
My crochet
My sisters pies & Yorkshire pudding
My sister ❤️
My bro’s ain’t bad either 😝
My mom and all the memories we’ve made. 
The cat that’s not my cat and his ginger sidekick!
Laughter, I love to hear people laugh. 
A good film 
Alfie doing a neat poo 😂
Walking to the top of hill or through the woods
Exploring a path I’ve never trodden
Fried eggs
The notes app on my phone that’s allowing me to walk Alfie and write this list!  
Spiders cobwebs when covered in dew 
Toast and best butter (the food list could be very long! Maybe it needs its own page 😋😝😂)

A good sneeze (especially when you don’t pee too!)

I then started a separate page for food I enjoy and tv I enjoy because they deserve their own list, all those different foods mmm, all that tele we watch in this house with the characters that make me laugh, yep defo get a page each.

I'm going to enjoy this month nearly as much as I enjoyed my lamb dinner yesterday, oh it was delicious, gravy definitely needs a place on that list, I love it!  

Right, I have a busy day, got the dentist, need to food shop (healthy, the staycation is over!) Catch ya tomorrow, mwah

luv ya

Love me x

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