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Friday, 27 September 2019

Day 27 #SelfCareSeptember

Friday 27th September 2019

I've just pressed a button on my old iPhone that will reset all factory settings, if only the human body was like that ay, if only you could take your body back to a previous health setting, mmm what year would you choose, I'd go for 2002, that would have made me 32 and I was as fit as, we cycled from San Francisco to Los Angeles over 5 days and I loved my body as it was then, actually I still love my body but in a different way.  Now I know I can't rewind the years but I can get as fit and healthy as is possible and after looking at this photo this morning and remembering how strong and fit I felt when it was taken it makes me want to keep working at taking care of myself even more than ever.

We may not be cycling across California these days but we're still walking across the Midlands every Sunday and I enjoy it just as much.  And that is why today will be another day on track, just like yesterday.  This was what I ate yesterday, enjoyed every bite...

breakfast was eggy bread, only 3SP of bread, it had been 3 small slices but as they were the last slices out the packet, they needed the not so 'fresh' bits off so I weighed what was left to Smart Point it.  

 For lunch I had turkey breast mince with Soy Bean Spaghetti (from Aldi and only 3SP for 1/4 of the box or 50g dried weight, that's how much is in the bowl) it was good stuff, more like noodles than spaghetti but definitely worth it for the savings on Smart Points.

Then for tea I enjoyed a ham salad sandwich, it was just what I fancied and it hit the spot for sure.

Yep a good day and today's going to be another one, just had a chat with mom and she said some lovely things to me so I'm feeling good.  She told me she'd had a little cry this morning, then said, 'not for me but for you because you're having to look forward to me', bless her heart, I reassured her that she didn't have to cry for me, I'm all good and she looked after me for more years, I'm just repaying the kindness.  She looks so vulnerable sometimes, so when we have these moments of lucidity, I take full advantage of them.

Right back to Self Care September, it's coming to an end, only a few days left so let's look forward to the rest of the year, what are your goals, let's set a Christmas one shall we, or the end of the year, have a good think about what you want to achieve.  Here's some tips on how to set and accomplish those goals;

Make it smarter - your goals need to be:

S - specific
M - measurable
A - attainable
R - relevant
T - time bound (hence Christmas being a good date)
E - evaluative
R - revisable

Write down your goals to clarify and strengthen your intentions.

Break down your goals into small and manageable steps to overcome overwhelm.  (one of mine is to end each month lighter than I started it, work in 4 week chunks)

Hold yourself accountable by maintaining focus and discipline throughout your process (Get to your workshop every week in other words!)

Reward yourself, this will help reinforce the positive actions you've taken so you can continue doing them.  (Don't reward yourself with food - you're not a dog!)

Develop systems and habits, this will make it easier for you to accomplish your goals on a regularly basis.  (One of the habits I'm working on developing is to carry my new water holder around with me all the time and drink the water to replace the coffee, yesterday refilled it twice and I easily drunk it)

That's today's task, set yourself a Christmas goal, we owe it to ourselves to take care of ourselves, mwah

Luv ya

Love me xx

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