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Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Day 25 #SelfCareSeptember

Wednesday 25th September
Live beyond What if? Find joy in What is!

Tuesday 5am - 8pm, on track, fully documented, within allowance.
Tuesday 8pm - 9pm, oops, off track, fully documented, well over allowance!

Yep that just about sums yesterday up in a nutshell.  In that hour I consumed 15SP, weigh in this morning, I won't hold any hope out for a loss, but I will draw a line again because that's what we do.

On a positive I ate delicious meals yesterday, for breakfast I had an egg sandwich with a few cherry tomatoes.  For lunch I had chicken stuffed with Philadelphia light wrapped in bacon medallions, roast potatoes and veggies.

Then my tea was chicken, katsu sauce (I added raisins and diced apple) and pilau rice.   I knocked this up in a few minutes, I'd cooked the chicken with my lunch earlier in the day so just had to warm it all up.

Then mom announced she was going to bed at 8 and I stayed up for just over an hour and pretended I had the hour to myself!

We had a bit of a thing before she went to bed though, she'd gone to the toilet and as she came out, she said, 'There's that mouse again or is a frog'.  I thought she was joking about one of Alfies toys because she talks to them often, so I laughed but she was persistent and thinking it was her seeing things went to have a look, but no, on this occasion there was a frog - quite a large one - in the hallway, relieved we weren't about to have an Alzheimers episode, I went and found a tub, caught it and set it free.

Anyway, we're in the last week of Self Care September and I'm running out of ideas, I won't lie, so I've just grabbed some coaching cards I have and this is the first one, at the top of the pile.

"What must you have in your life to make you feel complete, fulfilled and happy?"

If like me, you're not feeling the thinking vibe this morning, how about we just agree to take care of ourselves today by drinking that glass of water now, eating some healthy food throughout the day and go to bed at a reasonable time.   That'll do won't it.

Have a great day, I'm working on waking up this morning, I'll get there.  Mwah,

luv ya x

Love me x

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