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Saturday, 14 September 2019

Day 14 #SelfCareSeptember

Saturday 14th September 2019 
Sometimes music is the only thing that takes your mind off everything else.

Well we're almost half way through our self care month and if you're taking part and doing the tasks you'll realise it involves taking time out your day to think about yourself even if only for a few minutes.  Hopefully it's helping to lift your mood as it is mine, I'm eating better too because I'm being reminded I'm important too and that this body I've been given deserves to be taken care of.  I'm looking at different ways to move, accepting that housework is part of my self care routine even if I'm not a fan of it, I do however enjoy the outcome of doing it.  Yesterday I cleaned the fridge out ready for my supermarket delivery today which is lots of healthy, fresh food.  Yeah this self care lark is making me feel better. 

Now today's task is a good one, it's about the feel good side of self care - MUSIC!  Yesterday I had such a great hour listening to tunes.  


Anyone my age knows it as a mix tape!  Music can take you to a magical time and place and that’s exactly what it did for me yesterday which is why I want you to do it too.  I watched Captain Marvel last weekend and part of the sound track was a Garbage and No Doubt track, immediately I added them to my playlist, then yesterday when I was walking the dog I decided to listen to the entire Garbage album and it took me back to 1995/6, I loved being that age, I'd just started to like me for who I was not who I had been trying to be, I'd still got a lot of learning to do though, still had terrible taste in men, just had a quick whizz in moms old diary and in Sept 1995, I was going out with a lad named Kieran (younger man too!), I got my wheels nicked off my car (cost me £200 to replace) and we went to Butlin's for the first and last time!   I'd just started to have spare cash to spend on having a good time, anyway back to music.

Music is a powerful tool in that it has both physiological and psychological effects. 
In a 2013 study, it is stated that “continuing research within the psychology of music has highlighted the profound effects of music listening and there is no doubt that music is a separate channel of communication affecting emotions in significant ways. Music may be uniquely suited to managing or regulating emotions and stress in everyday life since it has the capacity to both distract and engage listeners in a variety of cognitive and emotional ways.”

There is science to back up the claim that music has healing power for the mind, body, and soul.  That's good enough for me and I have to agree, I absolutely loved singing along (not sure anyone I walked past whilst out with Alfie appreciated it though), then I enjoyed dancing round the kitchen to it whilst cooking, I really enjoyed it, so much so I'm going to do it again today.   I'm going to start a list in my notepad of tunes that I love to sing and dance to, then I can make a play list or two instead of having one long play list.  

Music raises those dopamine levels, lifting your mood and making you happier, that's gotta be good, that's what another study suggested back in 2011 anyways. 

Yeah we can all fit a bit of music into our day to sing along too and if we can dance to it at the same time, bonus, we'll be burning those calories off too.  

In other news, this was what my food looked like yesterday; 

My zero breakfast, a double yolkier inside a 2 egg omelette with peppers, very tasty. 

This was an experiment in the slow cooker, 200g packet frozen onions (sorting my freezer out), chicken breasts, 4 garlic bulbs cloves Unpeeled, frozen peas (didn't weigh them), 2 chicken stock cubes in a mug topped up with water then poured in and a couple of thyme stalks thrown in.  Slow cooker for 4 hours on high or 6-8 on low.  It was tasty, make sure the garlic is underneath as the ones on top didn't cook enough but for zero, hell yeah and the mash only set me back 2SP. 

I wasn't hungry on the night so I had a bit of the hummus I made with a packet of the WW snacks, tasty and today I've got my shopping coming so can have crudités with the hummus.  

No need to mention where the rest of my daily allowance went, if you know me you'll know it was in a glass, which I have to add was amazing and went on my smile list because I found a 2015 bottle of my Beyerskloof and it was delicious, we're on 2018 stuff now so it had been there a while.

Anyway, I need to go get showered and ready for work, love Saturday mornings, I've got my supermarket shop coming later too so will be cooking some delicious food this coming week, I've picked a few new recipes to try using ingredients I haven't eaten in a while, sweet potato being one of them.  

Catch ya tomorrow, mwah

luv ya 

Love me xx

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