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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Day 5 #SelfCareSeptember

Thursday 5th September 2019
Eat like you love yourself.

Did you answer yesterday’s question or did you add to your self sabotage by ignoring it?  
I had one realisation from doing the self-sabotage task that I wasn’t expecting, crochet is sabotaging me, I’ve been doing it so much I’m ignoring other things that are important, I intend to rectify that situation. Everything in moderation, wine will also be on that list, I chose not to have a glass last night which meant I got to have a chicken leg on my dinner instead of a breast.  I ended my day on 23, result and that was being honest about everything from the juice I used out of the chicken tray to make the gravy and the slice of bread I used to soak it all up.  This was my day; 

Bagel slim 4SP with scrambled eggs and spinach for breakfast.
Roast chicken 5SP , veggies, Yorkshire pudding 3SP gravy 2SP, juices 2SP, smash mash 3SP,  slice bread 1SP
Salmon salad with WW garlic and herb dressing 0SP
milk in drinks 3SP
TOTAL 23SP = result! 

It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it after gaining 5.5lb over 2 weeks!  This proves I can do this and I enjoyed every mouthful, even got a second dinner to enjoy today, although I might change the leg to breast and save me 5SP, Alfie can have the leg ;) 

Okay so back to our topic o the month, we’re spending it focusing on Self-Care and thankfully we all do some level of self-care already, even if we don’t realise, it starts with getting washed, dressed and fed.  Hopefully we are all at that level, even if the fed bit could do with some work. 

Today we’re going to look at the fed bit, let’s focus on what we want - what we need & what’s just greed!  You can't beat a bit of honesty.  

Let’s start by making some food lists, one list with the foods you see as treats, the stuff that you love to eat that's higher in Smart Points and/or calories, another of the foods you see as healthy that you enjoy eating, one of the foods you see as healthy that you’ll eat but only because you know they’re good for you and finally a list of foods there’s no way on earth you’re eating!  

You’ll end up with your shopping list from the first 3 lists for a healthy lifestyle, remember everything in moderation. Plan to include those treats and maybe even agree with yourself to retry some of the foods from your 'no way on earth' list, I hated the very thought of fish till my late 20s and now I love the stuff, if it wasn't so expensive, I'd eat it more regularly.   We can only eat what we buy so if we have that list, we're less likely to buy other stuff.  Then there's our environment. 

By changing your environment, you’re making sure you're surrounded by good healthy foods, remove or limit the dangerous stuff that tempts you, I know if I have blue cheese in my fridge, I'll eat it so it's a treat I have occasionally and when I'm in a good place so I know I can control it.  Environment can include the people you surround yourself with too, this ones not so easy if they're family, but you could try and have conversations with them on the importance of being healthy.  Take a few minutes to look at your kitchen and how it's laid out, do things need moving so they're not staring at you, does your fruit bowl need to be more prominent so you see it easier?

Eating healthy and regularly is one of the most important aspects of self-care and not something we can solve in one blog post. We need to work on building healthy habits. Take it one step at a time, you’re not going to go from a rubbish diet to a perfect one overnight. Be patient with yourself, make small tweaks. 

You wouldn't expect to go out and drive a car if you've never had a lesson, so don't expect to perfect new habits immediately.  Make those small changes and improve over time, work on tiny habit changing rather than grand big gestures. 

Notice how eating differently makes you feel. Do you need to eat a whole packet of biscuits or did you just want them, was it plain greed, how does it make you feel afterwards?  Does drinking endless mugs of tea or coffee make you feel alert or jittery, do you slump after the caffeine wears off, how would drinking more water feel instead?  If you have a heavy lunch do you feel tired in the afternoon, does eating a salad feel lighter on your digestion.  Can you eat less and still not be hungry, are you portion sizes like mine on the large side? 

Let’s spend a few days looking at our eating habits, write those lists and track everything you eat today asking yourself the question - is it want, need or greed?  Notice how your choices affect how you feel, your energy levels, your mood, how your stomach feels, your toilet behaviours!  

We're almost at the weekend, let's spend a couple of days thinking about WANT / NEED / GREED, you can do it with other things not just food, I remember doing it with my spending habits when I was trying to get myself out of debt and pay off my credit card bill, 16 years ago, I did it and I pay my card bill off every month now, don't spend what I haven't got any more.

Let's have a very, great day, I'm looking forward to mine because I have the best job ;) 

Luv ya, mwah

Love me 

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