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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Day 21 #SelfCareSeptember

Saturday 21st September 2019
Be who you are not who you think you should be.

So yesterday I cooked and ate Sea Bream!  I had my shopping delivered and I took advantage of fish Friday 20% off and my vouchers in the end I got £145 worth of food for £98, my freezer and cupboards are now full to the brim, thank you waitrose. I also mopped in Aldi and will be shopping there a lot more in future they had lots of stuff I didn’t think they would have like tri colour quinoa and organic eggs so yeah they’ll be getting my custom for sure.  I don’t think my kitchen has looked this healthy in a very, very long time and I love it. I don’t remember the last time I cooked a recipe on a Friday, I’m usually exhausted.  I’m so glad I’ve been switching up my carbs and introducing a little oil to add flavour, I’m really enjoy my meals. I’ve even got some lunch ready for today so I’m not tempted! 

Anyway the Sea Bream, when I took it out the pack, it hadn’t been gutted!  I expected a head to still be on it but not all the inners too, my initial thought was no way, but then I realised the price I’d paid for it so straight to YouTube and 5 mins later it was oven ready and I cooked this recipe https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/8010/whole-roast-bream-with-potatoes-and-olives, it cost me 12SP and was really tasty. I wouldn’t buy it again mostly because of the price and seabass tastes better for cheaper. However I tried something new, never had sea bream, never tried that recipe. That’s your task today, try something new whether it’s a food, a recipe or something else - maybe you’ll go swimming in the canal 😂😂 as long as you haven’t done it before that’ll do. 

That’s all your getting from me this morning because I have loads to get done, I’m off to WW roadshow later so need to leave mom with supplies and I’m gonna whizz Alfie round the block so he isn’t without a walk all day.  

Let’s have a great day, it’s going to be hot! Mwah

Luv ya

Love me x

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