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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Day 19 #SelfCareSeptember

Wednesday 18th September 2019
If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!

Morning people, it's pitch black outside as I'm sat at my desk this morning, I'm ready for my day, mid week already and it's weigh day, I'm quietly confident I've lost again, I've had a good week food wise, yesterday was like this; 

Salmon, spinach and spring onion omelette for zero points. 
10SP Mushroom and spinach tagliatelle from the WW Freestyle Cookbook, video showing how fast this is to cook is here https://www.facebook.com/WWBev/videos/371916683696448? 

 1SP for the mayo in the cabbage and onion, I added mint sauce to the tuna, really enjoyed the textures and tastes of this dish.

I also enjoyed some wine and a packet of WW Rosemary & sea salt snacks.  What I've noticed this last week is by cooking delicious meals, including different carbs other than bread is my cravings for other stuff haven't really been there, other than a couple bag of WW snacks one of which was part of a meal with humous and a babybel the other night, I haven't found myself snacking at all.  I love bread but it doesn't fill me up, it's never enough, I always want more, I've just realised I've gone 7 days without bread!  I'm writing my tracker in my notepad at the moment so was able to go back over my week.  I'm still using my app for accuracy of course, I just like using the notepad to plan, track and keep all my selfcare stuff together this month.  

Starting the day writing positive things always makes me feel better, I notice if I go over the negative stuff in my life, it doesn't make it better, it just makes me feel rubbish again going over it, so none of that today, that's your Self Care task actually, today is WHINGE FREE WEDNESDAY because as good as a 'good moan' feels when you're doing it, long term, it brings you down.  

We moan about so many things unnecessarily, the weather, how badly we slept, how busy we are, how hungry we are, as a nation, you’ve got to admit, we do like to complain, moan and whinge quite a bit… For one day, let's not do that.

To start you off on a positive, you could get your notepad and spend a bit of time writing about your life in the future, pretend for a moment that everything had gone perfectly, it's all worked out exactly as you wanted it to, keep it a bit realistic, you're not all winning the lottery!  Imagine you've reached your goals after working really hard on them, you've become the version of yourself you really want to be and your life is exactly how you want it.  Write it down, visualise that awesome life, it may help motivate you to do the things needed to achieve those goals, at the very least it'll put a sneaky smile on your face.  In my perfect life I'm about a stone lighter and they've invented a calorie free wine (oh okay, I said keep it realistic!, I'll settle for the stone lighter).

I love Winnie the Pooh, pooh bear is just awesome but Eeyore, well he's a miserable thing ain't he and it can be funny to read about, but can you imagine being around someone like that all the time, spreading their doom and gloom, let's be honest we all know a mood hoover, those who actually seem to enjoy it.  Today let's all be a little more Pooh, embracing his positivity, natural ways to improve the mood include physical activity - did you do your walk yesterday, get producing those endorphins.

I know it's impossible to be happy all the time, but just for one day, let's not moan about our lives, let's embrace whinge free Wednesday.  No whining, complaining or criticising, what's your reward?  You'll feel better by the end of the day - honest you will. 

Right I'm off, it's still really dark, I must have got up really early, more hours in my day to get stuff done!  Mwah, 

luv ya

Love me 

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