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Monday, 16 September 2019

Day 16 #SelfCareSeptember

Monday 16th September 2019
Joy is not in things, it is in us.

My favourite thing about Monday's is the 'fresh start' feeling so many of us have, thankfully this week, I don't need one as I've been in the zone since my weigh in last Wednesday and I'm enjoying it too.   Now I do know how it feels to wake up on a Monday thinking oh ma'an, I blew it again, actually I did drink more wine than planned, I didn't handle mom's witching hour the best last night unfortunately but I've woke up and put that behind me.  Here's to a refresh on ourselves like you would a computer screen that had stopped working 100%, a reset, a fresh start, whatever you want to call it.  Start with refreshing your mind of the 'I Can't do this attitude', erm yeah you can, you've done it before you'll do it again.  Set yourself a goal for today, let's just focus on Monday what do you want to accomplish today, so for me, I'd like to pull back 4SP from my dailies to make up for that extra glass of wine I had yesterday, I want to finish my week 100% within budget if I can. Believe in yourself, you've got this - get that self-care note pad out and write down Monday's goal is...... Now speak that goal out loud so you hear it too, even better share your Monday goal with others, that way you're more likely to achieve it. 

Whilst you've got your notebook out, use it to jot down your priorities for the week ahead, what are the things you must get done, don't forget to pencil in some self care things for yourself, so for me I need to do some work stuff this morning to set me up for the week, my self care includes cooking from scratch and trying new recipes and food I haven't eaten for a while.  It's easy to forget what matters most when we're stressed with a busy week and life in general, Monday's a good day to take a deep breath and remind ourselves of what matters most and we really do, you can't pour from an empty jug remember.  To do lists have their place, write one if it'll help. 

Does your diet need refreshing, have you got a bit stale with it all?  After last weeks Carbs discussion in the workshops, I added lots of difference once to my shopping basket and I'm going to enjoy eating them within my allowance, I've bought, wholegrain couscous, freekah, quinoa, brown rice and pasta, really enjoyed my dinner yesterday, 

 Pan Fried Sea Bass (2SP for the oil) with 6SP of Freekah/Quinoa (so easy to cook, put in boiling water and simmer for about 10 minutes like rice, then sieve) mixed with roasted veggies, it was so good, I wanted to eat it again immediately, always the sign of a good meal for me. 

Yeah let's refresh our eating pattern, we all function better when we are eating well and taking care of our bodies, I've felt so much better since I started self care September, it took the first week to get into it but this past week I'm flying again.  Start your Monday morning with something healthy, maybe some scrambled eggs (yes you do have time to make them, it takes minutes and just leave the pan to soak!), Have a pint of water too, you can still have your mug of tea or coffee, just balance it out with water which will hydrate your body and make you feel more awake. 

If you can fit in a little walk at some time today, I know it's raining here but if you don't like rain, go walk round a supermarket or shopping centre, look for healthy food ideas, if you're a member of a gym go there, any movement works so dance around the kitchen, even the one at work, let them think you've lost the plot!  

End your day by going to bed at a reasonable hour after turning your phone off an hour or two before you go up.  Even better still if you can fit it in have yourself a bubble bath before you sleep, or listen to some tunes whilst having a long shower, just make sure you do something from yourself selfcare ideas list to help you relax after your Monday. 

We got this, oh and to prove breakfast doesn't take long to make, this took 3 minutes max, this is what I had for my breakfast yesterday, I made a 2 egg omelette, 
 then warmed up some of my home made hoummous in the microwave and spread it on top before rolling up
It was delicious 
In case you missed it the other day on my blog, this is how I made the Hoummous?  2 cans of chick peas, drained, keep the liquid though.  Add to food processor, some frozen garlic, 1tbsp tahini, diced spring onions, juice from a lemon, salt and pepper, whizz then add some of the juice to get the consistency you want.  I think I'm going to make some more and add roasted peppers this time too.  I'll experiment. 

I may have earned 32 FitPoints yesterday by starting my day with a 5 mile walk with my brother as well as 2 Alfie walks but I won't be doing that today, I'll be lucky to get Alfie out once if the weather stays wet like it is now, instead I'm going to do some housework, I'm doing a little bit and often, trying to get on top of it all, whether I ever will who know but at least I'm trying! 

Let's all have a Marvellous Monday despite the weather, I've got a fresh page in my notebook with my dailies written at the top and it's all ready for tracking - I got this, mwah.

Luv ya 

Love me  

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