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Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Day 24th #SelfCareSeptember

Tuesday 24th September 2019
Today do not worry about things you cannot control.

It's back to it Tuesday for me today, after the weekend with mom, I'm not going to lie, my diet was the last thing on my mind yesterday, I didn't go mad though but again I ate what I fancied and that looked like this, breakfast 3 babybels (6SP)!  lunch/dinner fish in batter with oven chips, baby courgettes and peas - roughly 18SP oh plus 4SP for the tartare sauce, then I ate moms half bag of crisps she left on the side with a slice of bread so another 4SP.  I rested most of the day whilst mom slept by the side of me, she had a much calmer day thankfully.  I walked Alfie twice, didn't quite make my 10k steps but gave it a good go to say I sat watching tv most of it.  So yeah today is BACK TO IT TUESDAY.  My tracker pad / self care note book is out and I'll be eating healthy food within my Smart Points budget - oh yes I will because good food and eating well is ultimately where self care begins.  When I eat well, I have more energy, I feel better in myself, I sleep better, I also enjoy the food which is most important.

I did indulge in learning a new crochet stitch yesterday morning whilst mom was asleep, I sat at my computer with a YouTube video and started a baby blanket in Alpine Stitch, the stitch itself was easy enough for me but I needed to master the straight edges of the blanket because I have a problem working out where the last stitch is!  I think I've done it though and I managed to get through 2 balls of 50g yarn throughout the day. Yeah yesterday was a lovely peaceful day.  The only excitement I had was my new phone arrived and the plug was a posh one that folds up - easily pleased me ;)

Self Care Task - easy one - track 100% and honestly all day and do your best to make it healthy or healthier than it was.  Start your day with a glass of water, plan to eat at least your 5 a day, get outside if only for 10 minutes of fresh air.   Remind yourself of your goals and WHY you want to achieve those goals.  Think about your WHY, that's what we're looking at this week in workshops.  I always struggle with mine but I suppose it's everything I've already said above, eating well and watching my weight (hopefully losing it) gives me more energy to handle my life, I feel better in myself, I sleep better, I am better able to take care of my mom and that's crucial at the moment.

Oh we watched Grand daddy day care on Sky yesterday, that was a lovely, lighthearted comedy if you want something to watch, I'm also working my way through the marvel films from start to now, mom tolerates them as she just can't keep up with what's going on, I love watching them in order now as I'm picking up on little things that wouldn't have been relevant before.

Ooo what to eat today, thinking maybe a dry fried egg sandwich for breakfast, something with chicken for lunch, maybe stuffed with Phili light and chorizo, cherry tomatoes (I'm just thinking what I have in fridge.  Mmm, yes today will be delicious - ooo I like that, let's make today delicious!

Mwah, luv ya

Love me

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