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Monday, 23 September 2019

Day 23 #SelfCareSeptember

Monday 23rd September 2019
Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest.

Yesterday was real tough and a scary reminder of how difficult Alzheimers/Dementia is promising to make life going forward, it's not getting any easier that's for sure, so if you've woke up thinking 'oh its Monday - boo', stop for a minute and count your blessing because my moms day was just bloody dreadful yesterday, she was so confused, trying to differentiate between real life and her dreams, not knowing what was real and what she was imagining, hearing and seeing things that weren't there. She got frustrated because she thought she'd seen her sister earlier but she's been dead for 50 years, she rang me when I was out walking Alfie, because she thought he’d just run in the house and out against she thought he'd got off the lead, only to be told nope he’s on the end of the lead I'm holding.  Then she kept asking when we were going back to Stanley Close (where we live) and if we weren't had I emptied her wardrobe and shed and not left anything behind.  I was trying to do what I usually do and reassure here that wherever she was she was safe and that's all that she needed to worry about but this time it wasn't working.  At half two this morning she was having a full on conversation with Alfie and getting up. So yeah, I'm glad she's asleep right now and hope today isn't going to be a repeat.  Not gonna lie, I had one two many glasses of red, plus I didn't count my points in my food, shall we do it now lol.

This breakfast only cost me 4SP so not bad. 

My dinner was just what I fancied and it really hit the spot, I didn't weigh the spuds but I'd guess about 12SP max for the lot.   For my tea I had more carbs with a crisp sandwich that cost me another 8SP.  So without the wine it would've been on track lol.  Hey ho, every day doesn't have to be great, today will be better.   

I did finish this blanket though which cheered me up, especially as I got some lovely comments on Facebook about my work. 

Right Self Care September, I just took a really deep intake of breathe after typing those 3 words.  I think with it being Monday (boo for some of you) we all need cheering up and I like the idea of a SMILE BOX, remember back at the start of the month we talked about a smile list, writing a list of things that make you smile, well how about a box of things that make you smile, things you can do / eat / drink / look at etc that when you're feeling a little low, you can go fetch your box, lift the lid off and distract yourself and make yourself smile.  I don't expect you to get the box done and dusted today, but you can make a start, maybe find a nice box to use, decorate one, line it with nice paper, personalise it or start a list of things to go in there.  

Things that could go in this box; 
photos of people you love and things you've done, places you've been
your favourite book 
A cd of your favourite tunes
lotions and body wash,  nail polish in your favorite shade, 
A nice mug
new pj's
a snuggly blanket 
colouring book and pens
A new notepad and pen 
Bottle wine / hot chocolate / posh coffee 
bar of your favourite chocolate / packet of your favourite crisps / biscuits etc 

obviously we may not stay on track the day the lid comes off this box but wouldn't it be better to actually have your favourite treats planned for such a moment rather than just grabbing any old crap to comfort eat on.  What goes in your book may differ from others, only you know what you like, what makes you happy, what would make you smile and take your mind off stuff.  Mine of course would probably have a crochet hook and a ball of my favourite yarn in there. 

You could even go one step further and make one for someone else!  This idea would make an excellent gift, Christmas isn't that far away you know.  

I think I'm going to cook me a delicious meal today, I have gnocchi in the fridge, might use that and have real comfort food, some chorizo in there we shall see, or I may try and pull it back and make a chicken casserole instead, if I take the chicken out the freezer now, it should defrost soon enough.  Yeah that sounds like a plan.  I'll go check my supplies for something delicious and healthy or at least without my allowance!  I've probably used my weeklies more than twice but I can get back to healthy today.

Mwah, luv ya, let's sort this and stay positive and strong.

Love me xx

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