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Thursday, 19 September 2019

Day 19 #SelfCareSeptember

Thursday 19th September 2019
I opened two gifts this morning, they were my eyes.

I have got to admit No Whinge Wednesday was difficult, I bet most of you reading this didn't even try to do it, I did and I failed to do it 100% but it was really interesting to notice those times when I had angry or complaining thoughts.  I know I won't be able to be 100% positive but I found it a good exercise to be aware of my thoughts.

Now back to this Self Care September how many of you said, 'oo yeah I'll do that' maybe you've done a day or two but you haven't done it all because you don't matter do you!  Isn't that why we have a weight problem because we don't prioritise our own self care!

Your task today if you can be bothered is inspired by something I did yesterday, it was to tick something off your to do list that you've been putting off.  I'm sure we all have those jobs no matter how big or small that need doing and we keep putting off.  Mine yesterday was pulling up some ivy in the garden and trying to repair the little built up flower bed that had fell down, I'd also bought some pansies and not got round to planting them up, so emptied one hanging basket and filling it, then I was inspired and put the rest in the flower bed - DOH, such an obvious thing to do.  I felt so much lighter having done it as I've looked out the window every day since buying them thinking, oh I've got to plant them.  Next on my list to get done is to re wax my kitchen worktops, it's not the doing that's the hassle it's how long they take to dry, but it's gonna get done before the end of this month.  What was the job that sprang to mind when you read this, maybe it's more than one thing, pick something quick to do, especially if you have a busy day, it might be just to tidy up the pile of mags in the living room, then plan to do that bigger task maybe at the weekend.  I also finally made an appointment with the doctors for my ankle, it's been 12 weeks since it starting hurting, that's long enough to leave something, it's not till October 9th but at least it's made.

Oh talking about feeling so much lighter, it was only in spirit as I lost 1lb on the scales and as happy as I was with that, it isn't noticeable lol, the weight goes on easier than it comes off that's for sure, I've still got to lose 2lb to get back to what I weighed this time last month, I'll get there though, I had a great week, was -20 on my weeklies but boy did I enjoy my food and wine, so if I can do that and lose 1lb a week, I'll take that.

This was yesterday's meals, I had an egg scrambled for breakfast, was in a rush, then lunch was a winner winner chicken dinner for 8SP,

I had a simple 2SP salmon salad for my tea

Even managed to roll over 4SP for the weekend, or maybe tonight when I've finished my workshop, mmm wine!

Well I've already done my Self Care task, maybe I'll find something else that needs doing, or maybe I'll work on whatever I give you to do tomorrow, will get my thinking cap on.  I already have an idea to be honest.

Right I'm off, teas drunk, waters half drunk, moms been looked after, not to get me ready for work, a long but good day, love my Bloxwich babes, enjoy listening to them all natter as I stand at the scales.

Oh and I found out yesterday that it was less than 100 days to Christmas OMG!  I've just looked it's actually 96 days, that's like 14 weeks, a possible stone could be lost at the scales, I'd love to be 11st 13.5lb, just to get in that bracket would be awesome, so for me thats 10lb, here's to giving it my best shot - what do you want to achieve?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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