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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 10 #SelfCareSeptember

Tuesday 10th September 2019
You can't live a full life on an empty stomach.

Food glorious Food, I love the stuff I really do, I particularly enjoy delicious meals made with good healthy ingredients so this week I've planned to make 3 new recipes, well I say 3, one is very similar to a recipe I've done before just a different name I think, no it is different I've just looked, I'll be making Nepalese keema-style curry which is in the new cookbook from WW, '30 minutes meals', whereas this was the one I was thinking about;  

Keema Concoction

10SP total

2 sprays of low fat cooking spray  
350g pack of quorn mince 
1 bunch spring onions, chopped  
250g chopped mushrooms
1 yellow pepper, chopped
125 g cooked frozen peas 
3 cloves garlic  
1 piece ginger, 2cm, fresh and grated
2 tbsp curry powder (2sp)  
1/2 tsp cinnamon  
300ml vegetable stock using 1 oxo cube (1sp) 
2 tbsp chutney, mango (7sp)
Heat the oil in a large non-stick frying-pan and add the mince, add the garlic, ginger and onion and stir, then add mushrooms, and peas stirring well. continue frying gently for approx 5 mins. Stir in the curry powder and cook for a further minute, then mix in the cinnamon. Add the stock or water & chutney. Bring to the boil, then cover and simmer for 5- 10 minutes until cooked. Serve with oven chips, rice or whatever you fancy for extra SmartPoints.
Works with any mince, just amend Smart Points accordingly. 

Now today's task is to plan to cook a recipe this week you've not cooked before, I don't expect you to do it today because obviously you need to get the ingredients, I can recommend the recipes on my website http://happyowls.co.uk/Recipes/RecipeHome.html although some need the points tweaking as they were uploaded pre free foods list being extended and I haven't changed them all.

If we were to try a new recipe every week, it would remind us how good healthy food is but also we'd end up with a collection of meals we can do so that we don't get bored of healthy foods and turn to the junk stuff.  Recipes can be fast food too as the 30 minute WW cookbooks show but also the Cook on which is under 15 minutes, there are also some download booklets on my happy owls website. 

I still like the idea of my own handwritten cookbook, I'm thinking a ring binder of some kind with those sleeves to keep the recipes in order, actually do you know what, I'm not a handwritten kind of person which is probably why I haven't do it, I'm a printed out kind of person, so that's what I think I'll do, print them all out and put them in a folder, that way I can change them round when I add more ingredients, it can actually be a mix of handwritten, cut out of magazines or printed, just as long as they all end up in one place which isn't a computer hard drive because I lost my hard drive and a lot of stuff from my computer last year.  Yeah a recipe collection is my plan, I will start today not just collecting them but cooking them also, I promised my members a live cooking demo so that's the plan.

What recipe are you going to make?  That one above is a vegan recipe, maybe explore a bit of veganism, you can change the mince to any meat if you'd rather not, it is best with beef mince if I'm honest but then if you're a veggie/vegan you'd disagree! 

Let me know what recipe you're going to try, there are lots on the WW app, try something a little different maybe, I'm going to make Coq au vin this week too (again in the 30 minute meals cookbook) it's a recipe I've never cooked, then I shall do a pork chop with creamy leeks one from the same book, I don't really eat pork but after trying a chop the other week, I enjoyed them.  

This is part of the self care thing as it's starting with the basics, but you can also take a moment to think back to yesterday what did you do to help your self care and what made you smile, did you even pick up your notebook?  I know I didn't and I know a lot of you didn't even read my blog because it tells me how many people do and it has dropped since Friday, see we put ourselves down that priority list don't we.  Thinking of stuff to write is making me search out stuff and I'm feeling better for it, if I help just one other person or give them something to think about, then that's a bonus.

Here's to a great day at work for me, these weeks sure do roll round quickly, the time goes so fast which is another reason I need to go, need to shower and get ready to go, I do enjoy this time at my computer writing my blog and drinking my cuppa though, it sets me up for the day and gives me a positive mindset to get me started, what do you do to start your day off good?  I'll leave you with that thought...

Luv ya, mwah 

Love me 

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