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Monday, 1 May 2017

Will you make May matter?

1st May 2017
Every day may not be good but there's good in every day - make May matter!
Oooo It's May 1st, another month, the month we get to say "May the Fourth be with you!" and it makes us chuckle, even though we've been waiting to say it 12 months to say it for years now ;)  It's also the month with two Bank Holidays in, one of which is today, that makes it difficult for some to stay on track, especially as it means either an extra day off work so out of routine or a week of for the kids at the end of the month.

For me it's the month we're definitely edging nearer to summer, it's going to be the month I continue sorting my house, I'm thinking of doing my office today as it looks proper wet and miserable out there!  I'll have a couple of hours in here, hopefully get to walk Alfie, then have some chill out time with mom.  Thinking cottage pie for dinner.  I kept it simple yesterday had chicken with a bit of pesto pasta salad, I realised yesterday I like pasta better as a cold dish than a warm one.  It seems fresher and lighter, where as I always feel stodgy after a hot pasta dish.

Let's make May matter I say, what would you most like to achieve this month?  Do you want to have a sort out like I have, maybe your priority is weight loss or could you do with saving some money.  How would you achieve whatever it is you want, stay home all month to save some money and eat cheap, use the free time to get creative in the kitchen on a budget.  The sorting out and decluttering well you just gotta start, I know they talk about being organised to get organised but I didn't, I just started in one drawer and let it cascade out, if I was sorting upstairs and I went to make a cup of tea, I found myself in kitchen sorting through one of the drawers - it all worked out in the end.  It is making me feel so much better too, I slept so well last night in my lovely tidy bedroom.  I'm being automatically tidier, so when I get undressed it either goes in the laundry bin in bathroom or back in my wardrobe.  We're not completely tidy but we're much improved. I know the sinks full of washing up, I'll never be one to do it before going to bed, I'm chilling then, not cleaning.

This month I want to paint my living room and possibly my kitchen.  I've just had this idea that could get dangerous!  We have that utility room that used to be a kitchen, I like the idea of turning it into a laundry/toilet/shower room.  I wonder how difficult that would be to do.  It would be so useful for mom and let's be honest me too, I'm not getting any younger and I'm not planning on moving anytime soon, a downstairs toilet would be so good and we only have a shower over the bath which is really difficult for mom to navigate.  I love the idea of a walk in shower unit, never had one.  I'm going to look into it, just need to know who to ask, I'll start with my 3 brothers!  If anyone reading this has any info, give me a shout.

Where there's a will, there's a way was my motto yesterday, Alfie wants to be able to look through the bedroom window, I want him to be able to without a) ruining my new cupboard by scratching it and b) breaking his neck sliding off because the units slippy and the cushion wasn't staying where it should.  Initially the idea was velcro stuck to the back on unit and to the cushion, but it would stick to the cushion and sewing it on wasn't happening, the needles weren't strong enough to go through.  So I thought to myself, weigh the cushion down with something, I had 3 slate plaques that I don't want on my walls anymore so I've put them in the cushion under the foam and it's now heavy enough that it would slide off as he jumps.  I've also covered the side pieces of the cupboard with 2 fluffy cushion covers that match the middle cushion and after thinking what I had to weigh it down, I realised there was some garden grit stuff in garden so I've put that either side and it's weight it down, looks not bad at all, what do you reckon;

So whether it's something silly like that or a bigger problem you have, remember where there's a will, there's a way.  Let's make May matter because BeYOUtiful you matter too!  Have a lovely day, enjoy the first of May whatever comes your way.

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