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Sunday, 28 May 2017

It's a marathon not a sprint

28th May 2017
Sometimes, all you can say is 'WOW'!


Who's with me this summer, I'm going to turn my why into wow, I'm not going to forgot why I want to lose weight, I know I'll feel better walking round in my shorts and t-shirts if I lose this extra stone, I know my back and my knees will thank me for it too, I know I'm likely to live a longer life if I'm taking care of myself - there's enough of my WHY's to keep me going at least for today, now for the WOW moments to start happening, they don't have to be big dramatic ones, the can be the little things we do each day that impress ourselves or others, like me actually eating fruit with yogurt all week for breakfast, or the fact I went to fetch some more 0% yogurt on Friday night for the morning. Let's get focusing on the whys and wows to keep us heading in the right direction towards our goals.  I want that stone gone for September!

So we've had the whys, we're looking forward to a lot of wows, not the how?  Well I'll tell ya how you won't get it, by staying away from your meeting, that's how not to succeed, I know the suns been shining and we want to make the most of it, but an hour now will help you move towards hours of WOW moments in the future.  That's the first thing then, get to a meeting, even if it's not your regular one, it's sure worked for me this week.

What else, well you don't have to cut everything out, try adding foods instead.  Slip in those healthy foods you enjoy, it's that time of year where strawberries are tasting great and oh the satsumas are so sweet and juicy, add them in.  You can still have a bowl of soup too, maybe before your main meal, do the starter thing, it helps, trust me.  Huge salads with your chicken or fish, healthier options at the BBQ, like skewers with meat and roasted veggies on.  Add it onto your plate, don't take it all off.  Oh and add in a little movement too, go for a walk in this lovely weather, have a wiggle why you wait for the kettle, do a bit of gardening maybe, go clean your car!   

Every bit of extra movement helps, housework is my new workout, its true, since I started looking at it as FitPoints, I actually get some pleasure out of it, it's the kitchens turn this morning.  Yesterday I did some gardening, potting up my summer plants, ready for the pretty flowers, that added a few thousand steps onto my fitbit.  Walking the dog obviously adds steps, but anything that adds steps helps, get off the bus a few steps earlier, park your car further back, heck go window shopping.

It all adds up, walk twice a day for 10 minutes and you only need to add another 10 minutes in to have your 30 minutes of activity sorted.

Find lower pointed versions of your favourite stuff, it can be done, I'm more than happy with Cathedral city lighter cheese, or the protein cheese sometimes, that saves tons of points.  Don't forgo your very favourite though if you don't want to, just work it in.  Don't eat something that just isn't for you either!

Drink some water, especially first thing in the morning, having a couple of glasses within the first hour of waking up apparently rehydrates your body and give you the added energy boost you need in the morning.  It also flushes out the toxins in your liver and kidney, make you feel less bloated.

Off out this weekend?  Want pudding?  Why not share, saves money too that way or ask for the smaller option with the coffee some places do. 

Have you got yourself a smaller plate yet?  It works - I'll say no more.

And go to bed, not now obviously, you've only just woke up, but get some sleep, it'll give you more energy to handle your day and well, you can't eat if you're asleep!  Joking aside it does help you to stay in control, no fun being exhausted, I was in bed for 8 last night, had me a good sleep.

Lastly, show some patience, none of us put this weight on overnight, and we're not going to lose it that quick either, the longer it takes, the fewer tweaks you have to make, the more likely you are to keep those changes in place.  Give everything up for a fortnight, maybe you'll manage a month and lose half stone or more, but I'll bet it won't be long before you have a binge and regain it.  Make the changes about, do it a little slower and I bet you feel a hell of a lot happier and keep it off for longer.

#whyintowow #mywwjourney let's start using these hashtags and sharing our success, our wow moments - we've got this!

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