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Thursday, 25 May 2017

I won't let dementia steal my life too!

25th May 2017
It's never too late and you're never to old!

Slept to the alarm this morning, bless that Alfie for waking me up at midnight to go up the garden!  I could hear foxes when I opened the gate so assuming that's what woke him up.  The doctors given mom some nerve blockers to see if that helps with the pain and she's still asleep and I haven't heard much from her in the night so that's promising,  He said if it were her hips he could just replace them and the pain would go but it's her spine so we need to try something else.  Let's hope this helps, don't like seeing her in so much discomfort and pain.

I survived another day on track, No Count yesterday, I'm looking forward to counting today.  I ate some fruit yesterday morning, then once I'd eaten it I didn't feel hungry at all so I didn't have my planned beans on toast for breakfast, I didn't need it.  Lunchtime I made smoked gammon and actifry chips we had some cabbage with it.   Then for tea I had a couple of corn on the cob and I had a ham sarnie too. 

Ooo we had strawberries with 0% Greek yogurt, they were really good and the yogurt was a good one too, Co-ops own brand.  Maybe I'll have fruit and yogurt for breakfast this morning.

Need to make sure I plan tea before I go out for work tonight as that's my danger time, I need to get day 4 in the bag before I work on the weekend, a bank holiday weekend at that.  I think I'll try one of those tins of supermarket curry with some rice, need to look what else I have to decide the other meal, I fancy a really good big salad but I'd need to go buy one to have that as I only have lettuce, cucumber and tomato.

I'm trying to remember I am in control here, I decided yesterday Dementia might be stealing my mom's life but I'm damned if I'm going to let it steal mine!  I will prioritise my own care, I will use the time I'm at home where I can't go out doing 'stuff' to take care of me, make delicious food and enjoy the little things in life.  We can get consumed by it all and I'm not going to let it consume me.  I matter too, I see it so much in my meetings, people caring for others and not prioritising their own well being, it's never good. 

Let's all start taking care of ourselves.

My to-do list next time I'm having a stressful day will include stuff like this;

Call a friend
Eat something healthy
Tell someone 'I love you'
Write down how I'm feeling rather than trying to ignore it or eat it down.
Celebrate what is working.
Take some time out
Stroke my dog
Go outside
Go for a walk
Put my slippers on
Bin those negative thoughts
Have a nice warm cuppa
Remember how far I've come & that I've survived every stressful day up to now
Slow down
Listen to some music
Watch something funny
Remember how small I am in comparison to the universe

And if by the end of the day those things havent' helped, have a nice, big glass of red wine and an early night.

I believe the long range forecast is a hot month, I love the sunshine and that should help me stay focused and on track, plenty fruit and salads, they really do help keep me full and who knew I'm enjoying the fruit too!  I got this!  Have you? 

Let's make our BeYOUtiful selves healthier and happier than ever this summer for all the right reasons, let's turn our Why's into WOWs, yeah we got this, we can do this, we're worth it, we matter, we count.  We may only be small in comparison to the universe but damn we're important. xx

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