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Monday, 29 May 2017

Wish me luck at the scales...

29th May 2017
If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it.  If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.
Well I survived my week, weigh day today, wish me luck!  I'm hoping for a loss, I've not been 100%, I have used all my weeklies and most of my FitPoints and I tracked everything!  I earned 68 FitPoints, had 19 left, so it'll be interesting to see the results at the scales.  4 Counting days and 3 No Count days, I ate quite a bit of bread products yesterday, had burgers in Warburton thins (I added mint marinade to the mince, worked a treat, cost 8sp for the packet but worth it) and a crumpet at tea time, then ham thins, hopefully that won't have too much of a negative effect.

Anyway, I did the tracking 100%, not done that honestly for a while and it did make me think twice before having some things.  I made a veggie balti yesterday, used a spice mix from the www.spicentice.com website, I wasn't impressed and didn't eat it, there was a flavour in there I didn't like, a bit like Chinese five spice randomly, it wasn't cheap either!  I've got the coriander chicken to try today as long as the coriander comes in my delivery this morning, fingers crossed.

We had a lovely chilled out day yesterday, my perfect kind of Sunday, spend the morning pottering in the kitchen after walking Alfie, then the afternoon mooching in the garden before sitting and chilling in the sunshine.  The patios all potted up now with plants ready for flowering throughout the summer, more for my bees to go at. 

Bank Holiday Monday and of course it's raining, I'm not sure if it's the forecast for the day but either way it won't change my plans much.  This morning I've got my shopping coming, then I'm off to get weighed, need to go to the women's hostel to take all the food we've collected plus £377 which takes the total for this year to £1.3k, love my members and their generosity plus my girls that provide tea and toast on a Tuesday and Thursday, the money they take has added to that total.

When I get home, I'm going to cook again, yesterday was the first time I've cooked a recipe for a good while, I enjoyed it, forgot how much I enjoy cooking, it relaxes me.  I'll get my cookbooks out this week I think, use up some of the stuff in my freezer, it's absolutely bursting at the seams, it really is.  I've defrosted some smoked haddock because I couldn't get it back in the freezer, might have a late breakfast when I get back from meeting, or do I eat it before I get weighed ;) decisions, decisions, those vital ounces, seriously though I will eat before I go, I can't wait that long for food.  Mmm smoked haddock, poached egg and a couple of slices of brown bread.  No Count day today it is then most likely.   I'll have my fruit and yogurt later as I'm enjoying that too, it could be my supper, if we have coriander chicken with brown rice for dinner I won't need much else after that, so fruit should be enough.  I'll point it all and see which I'm better going with after dinner.

Anyway I'm waffling, so I'm off, yay Sara Cox is the breakfast DJ on Radio 2 this morning so I can enjoy her instead of Chris Evans, that's a good start to my day, I hope your day starts well, here's to enjoy the Bank Holiday whether you have plans, at work, at home, on holiday, whatever you're doing - stay on track the best you can BeYOUtiful, you'll be glad you did on weigh day.

We can do this, you can have fun without getting fat!  #whyintowow #mywwjourney

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