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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Busy but made time to go to the butchers!

11th May 2017
Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.  Feed it hop.  Feed it truth.  Feed it with love.
Yesterday was one of those days when you don't get time to stop to breathe!  I had to be out the house by 9 and as I was about to go I realised I still hadn't had my breakfast so I put 2 slices of toast in toaster and when the popped out half of each on was burnt so I broke that off, stuff a bit of pastrami between them and headed off.  I was back just before lunchtime, then had the dog to walk before making lunch.  I did get to have a couple of hours with my bestie, even if I was cooking and washing up at the same time. She did bring me my Scentsty stuff though, my freebies from hosting the 'virtual' party, so that's to everyone that bought a warmer or waxes, I got myself a free diffuser and a warmer for my bedroom plus lots of free or half prices waxes and oils.  I've just woke up and pressed the diffuser on and it's instant scent throughout upstairs, lovely.

My meals did improve yesterday despite the busy, we had steak (from Penn Road Butchers - I'd nipped in to see him on my way back from my appointment) with actifry chips and salad, delicious as ever.   Then for my tea I had egg, beans and crumpets, another No Count day in the bag. 

Great over 8 stone lost at Ashmore Park last night and lots of giggles had of course, we're all enjoying the journey that's for sure, especially Hayley who ate out 5 times and still lost and achieved her 10% award - incredible!

Just realised I need to be prepared today, Thursdays are equally as busy as yesterday was so what shall I have to eat mmm.....

I'm thinking bacon and egg sarnie for breakfast with some mushrooms.  I'm going to do chicken kebab skewers for lunch I think.  After having that mint marinade yesterday, I had a chat with my butcher and he does all different flavours,Piri Piri, Tandoori, Garlic and Herb, Tikka Masala, BBQ, Chinese, Cajun, Pepper steak, Lemon pepper.  Now I've worked out they are about the same points as the packet mix, firstly because they're made by the same people,  secondly because the first ingredient in the packs is sugar - ouch and you don't get anything higher in points than sugar.

He's told me he used 30g on my pound of chicken, now 45g of sugar is 11sp, he uses 30g which is 7sp.  The supermarket Flava it range are 7sp for 45g, so if you were to work on that, the 30g would be 5sp.  So knowing sugar is the highest Smart Points food you can eat, if you're unsure of the points of something and point it as sugar, you know you can't be underestimating!  I'll be going with 5sp on a pound of chicken which is 4sp, so the whole pound of flavoured chicken is 9sp = bargain!  To make it better, one of my members called about them yesterday afternoon and he said the marinated kebabs are sold by weight but he's got an offer on any 4 for £10, you can have mixed chicken and pork too.  I'll stick with my chicken as they're lower in Points and I'm not a pork fan but if you're doing No Count you only need to point the marinade.

I have just realised it might have to be a counting day though as I had some low fat sausages from him and I'm now thinking sausage sandwich for breakfast.

Anyway, all this talk of food has got me hungry, plus I need to be out the house by half seven so I better get a wriggle on as I have lots to do in the next 90 minutes! 

Here's to a great day, whether No Count or Counting, you can do this BeYOUtiful, let's head towards the weekend on track and focused - make yourself proud.

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