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Friday, 5 May 2017

No Count Nom Nom!

5th May 2017
Worrying means you suffer twice.
I only slept till 6.15am, I love this lying in lark, the blinds keep the room a little darker and the calmness of my room is obviously helping, I think we went up about 10pm last night - I'm almost becoming a proper grown up ain't I!

Day 2 No Count in the bag, enjoyed some lovely food yesterday, my Asda delivery arrived in time for lunch and this was what my meals looked like;

One pan fry up from this week's free recipe card
Sweet chilli chicken and potato salad.  I just mixed a bit of natural yogurt with some mint, it was good.  I might do the same with one of the Weight Watchers salad dressing sachets, the soy ginger and chilli one has a bit of a kick for me but mixed with yogurt it would calm it down.
For my tea I had an open steak sandwich with onions and red peppers.  Then I mixed a bit of coleslaw mix with yogurt and wholegrain mustard.  Alfie's always happy to help me eat my steak.

I even had a tub of melon mid afternoon and banana, sugar free jelly and a bit of Natural fromage frais, all enjoyed and I went to bed satisfied and full.  Not forgetting my 2 small glasses of wine.

I've gone back to basics, got my books out, there's some great meal ideas in them if we only open them up and read.  I forgot to buy mushrooms on my order though - doh!  So breakfast will have to have tinned tomatoes or baked beans on to be my one of my five a day.  Maybe crumpets with bacon medallions and tomatoes, or apple and spice porridge as on page 10 of the No Count booklet, mmm nice. Ooo or spicy beans on toast, yeah it's a good book, I need to get some unsweetened almond milk to make the almond oats brekkie. 

I have some braising steak and chicken breasts that I need to use, so I've got to have a think about what to make with them, love the idea of chicken and bacon salad, that could be lunch today actually, we were talking about that this week in meetings as it being a great go to meal when eating out.   I could just eat from this No Count book all week to be honest, there's plenty of ideas I fancy.  Maybe I'll put my shopping list together from this book for next week and just eat from there, it all looks tasty.

I think I'm going to slow cook the beef in a oxo stock of some sort and top it with mash, maybe nip and get mushrooms too.  Mmm maybe.  I realised last night I need Worcestershire sauce, can't believe I couldn't find any in the cupboards my steak felt bare. 

But first to do my paperwork, get ready for tonight's meeting  and clear the kitchen ready, it don't look bad though you know, I'm keeping on top of it all and I feel good for doing so.

My fridge is full of fresh meats and salads, it's all good in my world!  Hope it's good in yours too BeYOUtiful.  Here's to making what looks like a sunny day fantastic.

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