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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Now to survive the weekend...

20th May 2017
Take a deep breath, if you are going to teach yourself something - it's best not to be in a hurry, be patient, take it slowly, give yourself a proper chance.
I need to remember to make my alarm on my phone quieter, scared the heck out of me this morning!  I'm in for a full work day, morning at my meeting, this afternoon at a business meeting with my colleagues. I'll be doing nothing tomorrow, nothing at all but chilling, if it's sunny I'll do nothing outside, if it rains I'll do nothing inside but the theme will most definitely be a day for me.

Had 3 cracking good meals yesterday, my fav avocado on toast for breakfast with spinach, tomato and egg, nom nom, worth 10sp, just wished avocado was free, I'd have it every day.

Lunch was a delicious chicken dinner, not to big, just a bit of smash, veg and gravy, oh it was good gravy, that cost me a mere 6, then I added 2 more to my tracker for the chicken skin I ate before giving some to Alfie.

For tea I opted for a steak salad with rice, then I had a glass of wine.  Almost a perfect day until I had a handful of moms chocolate nibbles!  DOH!  Now she's clean out of chocolate I think and I'm not buying any this week because we both need to lose a few pounds now, with her not walking the dog every day, her weight has edged up a little so we've got to watch that.

Now I've got to be careful today as I have no food plans as yet!  There's no bread in the house so may scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes, otherwise it'll be 2 slices of toast when I get to the meeting, both will work out about 7sp!  Lunch I have a side dish from M&S, bulger wheat I think, it's 9sp, I could have that with spinach leaves, could even take that with me to eat at the meeting as it'll be too early to eat before I go.  Then for my tea I'm thinking left over chicken and I'll pick up a loaf or maybe a bag of salad leaves.  Or I could put some stewing beef in the slow cooker now with sliced onions, an oxo or two, and a little bit of water then leave it on low all day long so when I come home it's falling apart, the I can have that with wedges and peas. Mmm nice.

Sorted, there you go that's how easy it is to plan your days meals, no messing about, I'll just fill my water bottle up and we'll be good to go.  Making a real effort to drink more water and have my minimum 5 a day, yesterday I managed 7 different veggies.  I've ordered some fruit with my delivery today, maybe I'll nip and buy a pot of fruit for today too.

Okay so I'm off, if I want to get that slow cooker going and cook breakfast, I ain't got time for chatting here!  Have a great day BeYOUtiful, at least it's not raining this morning...

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