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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

To count or not to count...

2nd May 2017
If you're facing the right direction all you have to do is keep walking to reach your goal.

Well I can see the floor in my office again, it's not completely tidy but it's getting there, I got bored after a couple of hours, got to have a bit of chaos left in my world, the rest of the house is tidy and I'm keeping it that way too which is brill.  Food yesterday was chicken something, it was on its use by day so we'll have the cottage pie today, I'm thinking of doing a No Count week as soon as I've emptied the fridge, we'll see, but if I was too, I've got lots of eggs to use up, so eggy crumpets, a quiche maybe or omelette, I could have scrambled eggs for tea tonight save me faffing when I get home.  

Then there's gammon, smoked haddock in freezer, they'd do a couple of meals at least.  What else could I eat;

Egg, chips and beans
Burgers on thins with huge salad
Chicken dinner
Beans on toast
Egg, bacon medallions, tomatoes, mushrooms
Steak and mash or actifry chips with peas
Gammon and mustard mash with veggies
Smoked haddock with poached eggs and brown bread
Eggy crumpets with boiled ham, toms, mushrooms, beans
Liver and onions, mash, veg
Chicken casserole
Meatballs and pasta
Cold meat or fish with salad
Pasta salads
Tinned apples with oats and Greek yogurt

Yeah like this idea, need to do my shopping list, I'll check what I have but I know I need yogurt, bacon medallions, potatoes for starters.  I've been going a little crazy on the spending front so maybe a frugal month too, work my way through the store cupboard, there's plenty of beans, rice and grains in there I know.  Ooo maybe beans on toast for breakfast, I could just eat that with a fried egg on the top.

Maybe I'll alternate between counting and no counting and just get my freezer and cupboards empty, use up what I have whilst staying on track and buying only necessities.  I really have spent more money than I should've this month so that's the best idea for sure.  Let's see how empty I can get that freezer!  Maybe enough to do a defrost at the end of it, that thing needs replacing too, it doesn't work properly, the lights broken, that'll go on the to buy list!  Everything's due for replacing, the sound on the tv is dreadful, we have to have it above 40 for us to hear, we need a washer/condenser dryer rather than the two machines we have as I think legally if I go ahead with a downstairs shower / toilet room I won't be able to keep the washing machine in there, it'll have to go back into kitchen.  We shall see what the experts say when they come to quote.  If we do, then I'll have to lose a unit by the sink and get a slimmer fridge freezer for it all to fit on that way anyway, better get living off beans on toast for a good while to make that happen :)

So my skint menu could look like this breakfast porridge with fruit, tea beans on toast with a decent meal in-between, it's easy done, eating cheap it, buy what's in season, offers that are healthy and you'll use, I still have that delivery pass for Asda, I could do a few weeks shopping from there to stop me being tempted. 

Whatever I decide to eat, it'll be healthy and I'm sat here already happy so bonus.  It really is nice to wake up in a lovely bedroom, Alfie still can't make it onto the windowsill confidently, we know he can get up there because we've seen him do it, he's just hesitant bless him.

Let's get this day started, I hope you're up for making May matter BeYOUtiful.

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