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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Day one!

21st May 2017
Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.
Woke at half four by mom making her way to the bathroom making 'I'm in lots of pain' noises!  After getting her some pain medication that I hoped would help her go back to sleep, I got back in bed, lay there for five minutes and thought to myself 'I could go for a walk whilst she's asleep rather than lying here', and that's what I did.  Now I'm sat at my desk after a 45 minute walk and my backs all tight and hurting (not had a massage for 2 weeks and obviously unfit) and my mom didn't get to go back to sleep cos my dumbass dog heard me go out, jumped off moms bed and sat on the landing whining for the duration of the time I was gone!  Deep sigh, that plan didn't work well did it.  I wouldn't mind but the daft dog won't walk that far when he gets the chance.  Hey ho, let's get on with the day...

So yesterday was a long one, out from half seven till half five.....

Oops got interrupted there, mom just knocked her cup of tea over, it's amazing how much mess half a cup of tea can make, left her drinking the other half and when I've finished writing this I'm make her another one.

So long day yesterday, followed by a short night, fell asleep in my chair, even Dr Who couldn't keep me awake.  I was so pleased I'd put stewing steak, onion and oxo in the slow cooker before I went to work, I had that with a couple of slices of bread, I couldn't be bothered to cook if I'm honest, today we'll have some more for dinner, with mash or wedges and veggies.  I could nip over the co-op and buy a bit of pastry make a pie, mmm maybe, or a yorkshire pudding for filled yorkie, we'll see. Nah I'm gonna do No Count and have it with a pie of mash and peas, yeah No Count today then I can have a nice big breakfast too and I'll be so full I won't want to pick all day. 

Yeah that sounds like a plan, I fancy egg and beans on toast for breakfast, I'm starving this morning, see this walking/exercise lark makes you hungry!  Yesterday at our area meeting when we were told about the #WW5kmyway, I heard 5 cakes my way ;) but it did give me an idea, Weight Watchers are encouraging us all to do 5k on the weekend of June 17/18th in our own way, whether it be walking, jogging or running, I'm thinking we find a coffee shop / tea room to walk to, nothing like knowing there's going to be a reward at the end of it.  I'll put my thinking cap on.  Not today though today I'm taking it steady and relaxing.

I'm going to do all my house work bits, nothing too major just wash up and do the washing, the rest can wait, then I have a picture to colour in, there was one for each coach on the tables at the meeting yesterday and one of them said I should swap hers for mine because she had the owl, how thoughtful, so that's what I'm going to do later, sit and relax up the kitchen table and colour in my owl.  If you fancy doing the same, here's the image;

I'm going to get off now, because I want to go make myself some breakfast, use the time to do a bit of planning for this week, I want a really good week, nothing like being weighed by your boss to realise you're not losing weight!  My shopping's coming this morning, I've not ordered anything that's not good for us, so we need to make sure we eat it in the right portion sizes and within our daily allowance, mom too, not just me, she could do with dropping a few pounds also!  I've just worked out its 17 weeks to the next area business meeting when I will once again be weighed by my boss, I'd love to drop a stone by then, that's very achievable if I stop falling off track. 

Today can be day one, week one.  (I'm allowed as many restarts as I want to take, let's hope this is the last one of 2017!)  A pound a week would be awesome, I can do this, so let's do this, no more excuses.  Yes, no more excuses, what are the excuses I use;

Hormonal - I can't use that every month, I have a good week, then a bad one because of the hormones, it's an excuse, if I did No Count that week, I could still eat more. 

It's the weekend - Behave, you don't have to overeat and over drink to enjoy the weekend, there are other things to do.

I don't even want to list any more excuses, I just want to accept that's what they are and I can do this if I choose to. 

Have a lovely day BeYOUtiful, I think the sun may come out, we can but hope!

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