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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

No Count at it's best yesterday!

10th May 2017
Be a warrior not a worrier.
Morning, slept to 6 am again, I'm looking this sleeping lark, not having Alfie in my bedroom really helps my sleep, even if he did just come in for a minute around half eleven last night, just to wake me up to let me know, he still has the power!  I can hear mom talking to him now so I'm have to stop my blog here for ten minutes why I go and fix her drugs and make us both a cuppa, I'll be back in a bit.  It'll give me time to look in the fridge and think about my blog.

That's mom sorted and the bins out and it appears I'll be having ham for breakfast, just found an unopened packet that's use by today!  I'll have ham toasties, use those Warbuton wraps up, so No Count again today by the looks.  Mom can have a sarnie for her lunch too.  I've got veggies and salad coming in my order this morning, I'm all out in the fridge, what I did still have yesterday had gone off sadly.

Oh did I mention I lost weight, yeah 2lb, so No Count does work, and that's with me not doing it 100%, I had more than my weeklies on wine if I'm honest but my Fit Points could've covered them possibly, so not bad at all.  Chuffed with that, if I can just lose a little bit each week, I'll take that.  My members proved yesterday how well it does work when you follow the plan 100%, I saw crazy first week weight losses of 7 and 8lb and one of my members who decided she was going to have a week of seriously following No Count with her husband showed it works really well after you've had a few bad weeks, she lost 9lb and her husband lost 7lb, amazing.  Over the day, I handed out ten 5% awards and nine 10% awards, as well as lots and lots of silver seven awards, the total weight loss for the day was over 11 stone.  Just incredible.  Impressive results yeah, proof the plan works and it works well, I love that those members also managed to have a social life, including Afternoon Tea for one, it works doesn't it and it's enjoyable at the same time.

There's nothing better than seeing a happy member at the scales, it's a lovely sight, being part of their journey is so rewarding, it really is the best job in the world.

Got my Asda delivery coming this morning, plenty of salads, it's just an essentials delivery, trying to keep the bills lower this month after my crazy bedroom splurge!  Worth it though after my good night's sleep, it does look and feel lush, I just want some time to spend in it now.

My No Count day was tasty yesterday, it really was, I started my day with this

Bacon medalions, egg, mushrooms, lettuce sarnie (7sp or No Count)

Then we had this

No Count at its best or 12sp when counting.  Now I'm fussy about my spuds and usually only have Sainsbury's Vivaldi but these were ASDA Buttery Marabel Potatoes and they made excellent actifry chips for sure.
Finishing off with this

Now this did use some weeklies as the packet mix is 8sp, but the chicken breasts are low in Smart Points so it makes for a immense wrap!   Weird colour but incredible taste. I do love minted flavoured food.  The mix comes from B&M's I think or Home Bargains.

Anyway enough of this food, I'm so proud of some of my members this week, let me rephrase that, I'm always proud of all of them, but I have a few that are trying so very hard despite 'stuff' that's going on in their life.  Pain is a bitch and to try and focus on taking care of yourself when you're in so much dreadful pain is quite a feat and I'm super impressed by those doing it, heck some of my members do it week in, week out because their pain in permanent - how tough is that.

Today, focus on the good in your life, focus on the things you can change and do something about and make it BeYOUtiful like you xx

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