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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Why settle for being okay?

4th May 2017
Without rain nothing grows, learn to embrace the storms of your life.

Day one of hard core No Count is in the bag! 

Breakfast - gammon, egg, mushrooms, onion, toast
Dinner - cod, potatoes, sweetcorn, pepper
Snack - banana
Tea - smoked haddock, brown rice, green beans, spring onion.
Drinks - tea, coffee, water
Treats - 2 x 125ml glasses of red wine (6sp)

I actually left some of my tea, I was full and I went to be feeling good and ready for sleep. 

My online shop arrives today, just spent the £40 you have to spend to get the free delivery, ordered some fruit, veg, salad, thins, crumpets, cooked meat, sugar free jellies, natural yogurt, fat free natural fromage frais, bacon medallions and a couple of No Count Weight Watcher ready meals for if I get pushed for time.   Here's to a cracking good week I say!

I've got a slice of gammon in fridge and some leftover boiled potatoes so I might make that on pan fry-up for my breakfast this morning as I have mushrooms and egg too.  That's one meal sorted, possibly a nice sandwich with a salad for lunch, then maybe one of those ready meals for tea depending how I feel when I get home.   Although I could be tempted by actifry chips with egg and beans - we shall see.   I'll probably make those overnight oats for tomorrow too. 

The weight losses in the meetings this week have been great, over 100lb lost last night and the same Tuesday, we might already be in May but remember, it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference so if you've got a June holiday booked you can still make yourself feel better by then, 8 weeks for friends and family to notice, a holiday in July means not only will you see the changes but your loved ones will be impressed too.  Oh and in 12 weeks the rest of your world will start to notice the difference so come August wherever you are, on holiday at home you can look and feel completely different.  When the kids go back to school in September you can be the mom (or dad) at the gate that the other parents are seeing and saying "WOW, haven't you lost some weight!"

I'm not going on holiday but I would like to get up from sitting at my desk for an hour without making ouch noises as my joints sort themselves out.  I would also like to get back in my jeans - all of them, not just the fat jeans. 

On Tuesday in my meeting I said something like 'I'm okay with being 2 stone over my goal!" I was given a 'look' by one person in that room, there were no words, but that look was questioning what I'd just said, their face said "are you really? I don't think so!"  I haven't been able to get that look out of my head since, because they are right, I'm not.  I'm happy in my skin, I love me but yes I'd like to be at least a stone lighter to feel better in that skin, to be healthier, to have even more get up and go than I already have. 

I was okay with my bedroom being a mess for the last who knows how many years but wow do I feel so much better now my room looks lovely and it's all clean and tidy and I know where everything is.  I come home and go straight to my room to get changed into my pj's and either put my clothes back on the hanger or in the laundry and it feels fab. 

You don't know how good something will feel until you do it, so you may think you feel great or good or okay where you are now but know you'll feel even better if you still lose any weight you need to or tidy that house or whatever it is you're being 'okay' about. 

Why be okay when you can be incredible?

I'll leave you with that thought BeYOUtiful xx

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