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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Ending the month feeling good

30th April 2017
Love yourself - see the good - be calm - find joy - be thankful
Loved, loved, loved Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so funny, laughing out loud is my favourite thing to do and it certainly made me do that.  I may have to re watch the first one again now.  We did have popcorn though, plus pizza for tea, today's a new day, line drawn and all is good in my world.

To make things even better, besides my office my house it really clean and tidy, I came home from my meeting yesterday to find mom had not only tidied her own room but give the living room and kitchen a going over too, it was lovely to walk into.  We can chill out together today now.

There's a lemon and thyme chicken in the fridge I think I'll roast and we can have it with roast vegetables and rice instead sounds good, a nice and fresh meal.

My new alarm clock woke me up this morning, I need to work out how to turn it off and not have it go off every morning, boo to waking at 4.44am on a Sunday morning!  I probably wouldn't have slept much longer but still - boo!

My bedroom has come together lovely, I slept so soundly, it's all done now, looks great, I added a few flowers yesterday to soften it and I'm really pleased with the final finished room.  For anyone who's interested this is what it looked like a month ago;
And this is what it looks like now after all my hard work decluttering and painting and all Mark's hard work building the furniture as I wanted it!  Wardrobes, under the window drawer seat and bedside table.  

He's done an amazing job, the quality of the furniture is so good and it's so heavy, I attempted to help him lift just one of the top drawers on that unit under my window and it was heavy as a sack of spuds!   Quality stuff fitted by a quality chap, here's his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/designdt/, he's yet to put much on it but you can see from my room he knows his stuff and he does kitchens and bedrooms but I'm challenging him to do under my stair case next and box it all in and make it look fab, build Alfie a little kennel, me a little wine rack and make the rest functional.
As you can see from the photo the bedside table has a bit of stuff there that is temporary as I'm waiting for a couple more bits to go in the room to finish it off so they're to help put them up.  I really pleased with the finished room.  There's a Scentsy diffuser and warmer to go on that bedside table, having this diffuser;

and this wax warmer 
I already have him in my living room and he's lovely and calming; 
Then my room will smell as good as it looks too.  Plus the bonus is thanks to the virtual basket party I've had, those things haven't cost me a penny, they was my party perks! If you fancy the idea of hosting a party and getting some freebies, get in touch with Lynne, she'll let you know more, find out what you can get by looking here https://lynnewyatt.scentsy.co.uk/host/scentsy-parties there's a link on that page to get in touch, I've had a virtual party rather than a physical one and it's worked well, I know one lady is having on in her local pub!  What a fab idea.

Anyway, I'm going to go make my mom and my bestie a cuppa cos they're both still in bed as apparently Alfie only comes to tell me he wants to go up the loo!  Yes I had woke up early but I'd started to listen to my audio book when he tip toed noisily across my wooden bedroom floor - good job I love him isn't it.

Here's to making the last day of April count, then from tomorrow, let's make May matter shall we BeYOUtiful?

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