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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

It's okay not to be okay! Just don't unpack and live there...

30th May 2017
Plant your own garden instead of waiting for someone to buy you flowers.

Well I was in a real flat mood yesterday, I still when to my meeting and I lost 1.5lb, that was good, I was happy with that when I had used all my SmartPoints allowance and more. I didn't have the best start to this week though from a being on track point of view, I went over my allowance and I've already done damage to my weeklies. It's all tracked though, I better get walking or doing something to earn me some FitPoints.

It might sound silly but I don't get 'down' about being in a grump, it's part of who I am, we wouldn't be given the emotions if we weren't supposed to feel them! I woke up grumpy, I knew I hadn't been in a low mood the day before, I knew the feeling would pass, so I just went with the mood yesterday.

It didn't help that my computer keeps freezing again, damn that pc, it just did it again, so I'm now on the apple mac that was given to me, I think I might just use this all the time now and give up on the pc, it's damn annoying when I'm two paragraphs into the blog. It's just I have other softward packages on their I use, hey ho, I'm not going to think about that today.

I got back about 11, decided to cook my coriander chicken, the chicken didn't smell right, I wasn't risking it so went to get more, got to say though that's the second meal from the spicentice website, I'm not impressed at all, it may have worked out low in points but low in taste too doesn't make the exchange worthwhile.

There's nothing worse that being dissatisfied by a meal, I ended up having a sarnie, we went to bed in the end, better being asleep when in that mood!

We watched a couple of films to try and cheer us up, White Chicks and Step Brothers, both had laugh out loud moments, but I've seen better, much better.

Anyway, I've woke up in a better mood, much better mood and I plan to start my day off with my fruit and yogurt and I'm going to have something really tasty for lunch, actually I've got smoked mackerel which I haven't had for years, we might have that, it's good for the brain apparently.

I've just heard on the radio that if you think the weekend went too quickly, a way of making it seem longer next time is to experience new things, I like this idea. Experiencing new things makes your brain think you've had a longer break, it can be visiting somewhere new, trying something new or even reading something new. I like the idea of cooking something new, hopefully it'll be tastier than the chicken we had yesterday, I'll defo find something delicious to make this week.

At least it's not raining this morning, that's a bonus, blooming miserable day yesterday, no wonder I was grumpy.

I need to sort my food cupboard out again, I couldn't believe I only had 2 packets of microwave rice left and neither was brown, I didn't think I'd ever run out of that! Meal planning maybe is called for this week, luckily I couldn't do too much damage yesterday because there's only good food in the house, but there's always bread and butter so enough damage can be done.

Anyways, I'm 1.5lb lighter, the sky is blueish, I've got a week of weighing my lovely members to look forward too, let's get this work week started, banish the blues, get back in the pink.

Happy Tuesday BeYOUtiful, I'm going to make today a good one, no negativity allowed... happy zone only.

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