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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Got me a sign up in my office!

31st May 2017
I didn't come this far to only come this far.

Ouch! That was the first noise made when a walking stick that was leaning up a kitchen unit fell and hit me on the toe last night, seriously it hurt like hell, I made many more sounds and it proper throbbed all night, I had to anesthetise it with a glass of red.  Just glad it fell on my foot and not moms, she's got enough pain going on. 

Anyway I've put some cushion on it so it don't hurt as much when I walk and I'm sure it'll be right soon enough, no fun being in pain is it, just dreadful when it's continual pain that leaves you immobile, which is another reason for taking care of ourselves.  Some things can't be avoided, however we can do as much as possible to take care of ourselves and give us the best chance of a life, healthy life.  That was what I was thinking about yesterday, taking care of myself so that one day someone won't have to take care of me!

We had roasted mackerel for lunch yesterday, I enjoyed it but not keen on how long it repeated on me after eating it.  For tea I had tried this;
It was good, I'd have it again, 13sp for the whole tin, serves two, but I'd be tempted to add some steak and make it serve 3-4 portions, more meat less sauce but still tasty.

Today we've got salmon, I do love a bit of salmon and the lemon & dill maggi papers add some lovely flavour to it for 1sp, I think I have some left in the cupboard.  I think I'm going to have a play in the kitchen this morning, feel like doing a bit of cooking, not sure what yet, but it'll be healthy, that much I do know. 
Not found the first couple of days as easy to stay on track as they were last week, I'm blaming hormones, but I've not been ridiculously bad either.  It's truly bizarre, one minute you're in the zone, doing well, enjoying eating healthy, the next minute your body is sending signals to your brain which is making rather loud suggestions that you need to feed and feed on lots!  I've managed to keep it relatively under control, I want to get that stone off for September, I have a goal!  When I step on my managers scales at the next area meeting I want to be a stone lighter, I need to keep reminding myself of that fact because honestly I had forgotten again, so I'm going to write it, print it and stick it where I can see in my office!   Actually I've just done it, no time like the present, if you don't know where you're heading, how will you know which direction to take!   I'll probably need a second sign in the kitchen, maybe on the fridge!

Right so, back to it, moods lifted completely now, I think my appetites back to normal too, I know I've only been awake an hour but I can tell already.  Breakfast therefore will be my big bowl of fruit and yogurt, salmon for lunch, not sure what with yet, still need to sort my cupboards, then tea will be whatever I get creative with I assume.

What's your summer goal, or are you going to use this bank holiday as another reason to delay achieving what you desire, then use the kids holiday as your next excuse, ooo what else could we use as excuses?  Or maybe both me and anyone reading this who's been making excuses and thinking, 'oh I can't do it' actually stop with our whinging and sort ourselves out, we can do it, we don't need to do it quickly, the time will pass anyway, yeah I'm up for chipping away at it, I've done the first 1.5lb, so 12.5lb to go, that's my first main goal.   I didn't track properly yesterday so my goal for today is 100% tracking, I've got this - doing this for me!  What you doing it for?

We got this BeYOUtiful #whyintowow

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