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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Turning my why into WOW this summer...

27th May 2017
Eating well is a form of self-respect.

Well I intend to stay on track this Bank Holiday weekend, I really do because I want a weight loss on Monday.  I'm going to carry on eating salads, they really help bring down the total of the meal points, I enjoyed an Halloumi one yesterday, it was so good, used a sachet of WW balsamic salad dressing for zero points to add a bit of taste to the salad, those little sachets are great to carry in your bag if you're planning on eating out or going to a bbq this summer.
My breakfast was a delicious fruit salad with Greek yogurt on top, turns out I do like kiwi fruit now - I even walked over the Co-op last night to get me a tub so I have some for breakfast this morning - go me!  You've got to celebrate every little victory I say ;)
My tea was tasty, Bombay chicken and lemon rice, Penn Road Butchers is now doing ready meals and he's given me the nutritional info for the sauces so I'm able to point them, actually here's all the points in all of his stuff in case you fancy paying him a visit;
Penn Road Butchers
Sells fresh, healthy meats such as chicken, steak, pork loin you point as normal.

Chicken curry 3sp a tray
Donor burgers (125g) 3sp
Mexican burgers (125g) 3sp
Chicken burgers (125g) 1sp

Low fat pork sausages are made with lean pork and a little rusk so I would point as reduced fat pork sausages as per the app which is 2sp each, 4sp per 100g 

Chicken sausages are made with chicken breast and a small amount of rusk, so I guestimate 6sp per pound more than covers it.

If you ask him he can make Gluten free chicken sausages.

You can choose any lean fresh meat, he cuts the fat off, then coats with the flavour of your choice.

Chicken breast / pieces (1lb or 450g) = 4sp
Beef mince 5% (1lb or 450g) = 11sp
Beef rump steak (1lb or 450g) = 10sp
Beef stewing steak, lean) (1lb or 450g) = 8sp
Pork loin, 1 steak (125g) = 5sp

He uses 30g marinade per 1 pound of meat.

Chinese 30g = 3sp  (11sp per 100g)
Garlic 30g = 4sp  (15sp per 100g)
Lemon Pepper 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Pepper Steak 30g = 3sp (10sp per 100g)
Cajun 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Tandoori 30g = 4sp  (12sp per 100g)
Mint 30g = 5sp  (17sp per 100g)
Tikka Masala 30g = 5sp  (16sp per 100g)
BBQ 30g = 6sp (19sp per 100g)
Piri Piri 30g = 4sp (14sp per 100g)

So you add the SP for the meat of your choice to the SP of the marinade and that gives you the total.

Then the sauces, he uses 50g per ready meal.

Sauces Smart Points per 100g

Argentina Fire 25sp per 100g
BBQ 6sp per 100g
Black Bean 3sp per 100g
Bombay 7sp per 100g
French Garden 26sp per 100g
Piri Piri 10sp per 100g
Tomato 3sp per 100g

1 medium breast chicken = 2sp
100g = 1sp
500g = 5sp
1kg = 10sp

You can now work out the points in whatever you buy from him.  Find him on Facebook for his latest offers https://www.facebook.com/Penn-Road-Butchers-1570997599797501/

Not sure what's on the menu yet after breakfast which is going to be the fruit salad again, but I'm thinking there will be a salad involved, maybe tuna with balsamic vinegar, that'll be really low which will leave me some points for a tasty main meal, that I can think about, minted chicken maybe, skewers would be nice, just need to nip and get the veg but the beauty of having a co-op across the road is I can.  Actually I might stop at the fruit and veg shop on way to my meeting and get some stuff from them.

We can BBQ and stay on track folks, lean healthy meats, skewers, you can marinade the meats if you wish. Use Warburton wholemeal thins if you're on No Count or look for the bread rolls that are 4sp each, Warburton's do one I had it last week.  Make huge salads too, if you're visiting someone else's, take a bowl of it with you, don't be embarrassed, tell them you're getting healthy, turning your why into a WOW won't happen unless you make changes BeYOUtiful!  

We got this!  Let's survive the Bank Holiday weekend, enjoy the sunshine and stay on track, you in?  I am I'm sat here drinking my pint of water before getting ready for my meeting, then I'm going to have a cracking good day, got me a massage (first for 3 weeks) to look forward to, then an afternoon of relaxing with my mom in the garden hopefully.  Enjoy your day.

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