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Monday, 22 May 2017

Why? When? NOW!

22nd May 2017
I'm not gonna get worried about my weight, I've got enough problems!  Hilary Longsden

There my lovely are the wise words of my mother who when we've just weighed together and she's gained since she's not been able to walk Alfie, goes to show how any moving around makes a difference, it doesn't have to be full on running!  We're both taking that number as our starting weight, mines lower than it was last week, Lynne (bestie) , mom and me are all going to be weighing on a Sunday morning together and then staying focused together throughout the week. 

Going back to moms words, she's bang on, it's no point worrying about it, it's important to do what you can, when you can.  On a positive, I'm no heavier than I was at the beginning of the year, so I have maintenance sussed!  It's important to think positive thoughts, yep....

Positive thoughts = positive life.  Believe in yourself, you have more power over your thoughts and what you decided to think, trust me you do, one of my members, actually two, did just that yesterday, I read how they'd both talked themselves out of going off track, despite one having temptation right in front of her and the other feeling miserable about the results not showing on the scales.  Well done Tina and Bonnie, proud of both of you.  If you don't allow negative thoughts to settle, they can't take control, replace them with something positive.  I had a real brain battle with myself yesterday, my hormones were not helping at all, so I had me a little cry whilst I was out walking Alfie for the second time and I don't care who sees me when I choose to cry, it's better than stuffing loads of food down my neck and getting fatter!

Another tip is to know it's okay to experience fear and self doubt, but we need to acknowledge it and carry on moving forward, fear keeps us stuck, maybe write down those fears and then question them.  "I just can't do this, I can't stay on plan", so is that true?  Have you ever been able to stay on track and lose weight?  The answer will most likely be yes and therefore that fear can do one, it's incorrect!

Spending a little time on my own yesterday helped, I had me a walk first thing but it was sitting in the kitchen listening to my audio book whilst doing a bit of colouring in that had the biggest impact, realising I was enjoying that just as much as anything I could be sat there eating and/or drinking.  It was even nicer because I was sat in a tidy kitchen that I'd just cleaned, with a sparkling clean floor.

Let's all stop making those excuses, I said this yesterday and I'll say it again, as with the fears, write them down and then write why that really isn't a valid excuse, challenge your thoughts.  My biggest excuse at the moment is probably, "I enjoy eating, it's one of the only things I've got in my life right now with everything that's going on in my world".  What a big load of drivel that is really, the truth is I love my life and I enjoy eating really healthy food, so if I enjoy eating and I'm stuck at home more, then why not use that time to create delicious meals that are good for us both!

What are you grateful for, that always helps me too, writing down the things in life that make it wonderful, some people sit and write down 3 or 4 things each day to help them stay positive. 

Set goals, break it all down, get your dreams out of your head and onto paper.  If you want your weight to go down, work out how you're going to do that!  Maybe your goal doesn't involve your weight...

I want to lose a stone by the next area meeting, which is Sept 23rd I think, so I have a good 17 weeks.  This week I want to ensure I eat my 5 a day every day, that's my smaller goal.  Mom and me are both going to resist the junk, there's none in the house now so we have no choice!   It's all about those small steps, one day at a time.  A member said to me Friday, it's a marathon not a sprint.

Get accountable!  That's what makes Weight Watchers work, all the coaches that had lost weight at our area meeting were attending a meeting as a member themselves, make you think that doesn't it.  I'm going to be accountable to Lynne each week and also through this blog, my members always ask me in the meeting too, so the world knows how well I'm doing or not as the case may be.

Most importantly lets go back to the top of this blog and moms wise words,

"I'm not gonna get worried about my weight, I've got enough problems!"

And neither should you BeYOUtiful, approach it from a place of positivity not negativity, we're doing this for one of many reasons, some of them I was reminded of yesterday in my Facebook group;

  • Health
  • To be around long as possible to see our grandchildren grow up to be healthy & happy
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • To go swimming with daughter
  • To make it easier to look after loved ones
  • To fit in your clothes again or buy smaller ones
  • To feel good about yourself
  • To look sexy
  • To live a long and healthy life
  • Keep up with kids, be healthy & happy
  • To look good
  • To be able to go in every clothes shop & not just specifically sized ones.
  • To be fitter to walk the dog further
  • To spend more time with husband instead of crying about nothing fitting & declining the date!
  • For that holiday of a lifetime.
  • To be in a bit less pain.
  • To like what you see in the mirror.
  • To be able to love yourself.
  • Because summer is on the way and you can't hide under layers
  • To manage specific illnesses like arthritis
  • To be me again and enjoy going out and not feel like people are looking at me saying 'what does she look like'.

Well there's plenty to chose from there! Are your reasons there or could you add to them?

Whatever your reasons, let's make today a good day, one day at a time BeYOUtiful - we got this!

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