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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

You are in control of your own choices!

16th July 2014
Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit. 

Good morning, good morning, what a glorious sun rise it was this morning, did you see it or were you still tucked up in bed?  That’s one of the benefits of waking up at silly o’clock, before my alarm even thinks about going off, I get to see a stunning red sky!

Yesterday I was buzzing all day with ideas and thoughts from my meeting on Monday, even more proof that surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded positive people can have a long lasting amazing effect on you.  I even forgot to have my breakfast!  What’s that all about, I didn’t even realise until gone 11 when I got home from my meeting on the morning, so we soon had an early lunch and boy was it delicious.

Another meal I’d picked up at the services from Waitrose, the meal deal was £10 so I’ll have the courses at different meals to make it within allowance, yesterday we had the main, a chicken and ham hock back for 11 ProPoints and I served it with vegetables.  I have to say it was delicious and I’d happily add it to my weekly shopping list, a good sized portion too.  For the starter I had 2 tarts which are 9pp but with a huge salad will be delicious, the side was couscous, I haven’t ProPointed that yet but it’ll be good with salad or fish and instead of desert I had the cheese, as that doesn’t have to be eaten all at once I can cook with it too.  An absolute bargain for a tenner and really good quality food, ooo I do love to eat!

So my head is as I said buzzing with ideas, I have so many things I want to do over the next month, so I realised yesterday I need to prioritise and get organised, I also realised sometimes we have to do more than the norm to get the results we want.  Sometimes we have to go above and beyond what we’re doing at the moment; we have to go outside our comfort box, try that little bit harder, too that little bit extra!  When we do, we are more likely to get the results we want, and that goes for anything in life including work or weight loss!  And because of my training session on Friday and my all day meeting on Monday, I’m up for the challenge!

Now another realisation I had last night, or more I was reminded off, was ‘accessibility’ or ‘opportunity’, learning to say no and stay in control isn’t always easy is it, especially that first few days when you’re trying to get back on track, so I’d been golden all day, despite missing breakfast I’d ate sensible for lunch, I had leftovers for tea from Friday (they tasted fine!) then my mom walked in with this lot;

Oh my days, accessibility and opportunity just made it extremely difficult to stay in control, what was even worse was mom had already said she’d hidden them because she knows I can’t have them, then she comes in waving them under my nose, I mean Pringles – PLEASE, I’m sure they are laced with a cocaine-like drug to make you keep eating them, it’s that perfect combination of crunch and salt – evil old lady sabotaging me, that’s what she is! 

Okay so maybe if you have a relative like that you can have a chat, ask them to help you by not waving their goodies under your nose, or if you are in control of the shopping be choosy over what you put in your trolley for their treats, I hadn’t bought those Pringles or choc dips, she’d sneaked over the shop and bought them herselves, so in fairness that doesn’t usually happen which is why it caught me by surprise and it does make it hard to stay on track and focused when you’re being tempted by the devil, but you can be strong, the more often you do it, the easier it gets.  Did I resist, not quite I had 6pp worth of Pringles, but they’re tracked and I put the lid back on the tub and told her to move it!

Yes let’s remember we can stay in control, and even if we cave a little bit it doesn’t have to be a case of “oh I’ve blown it, let’s have more!”

BeYOUtiful you have the power to do anything you choose. xx

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