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Friday, 4 July 2014

And now for another cuppa...

4th July 2014
Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction. 

I love to wake up and see sunshine out my window and hear Alfie snoring at the bottom of my bed, it starts my day with a smile, it’s even better when I haven’t got to rush out of bed so can just lie there and enjoy it all for a few minutes.  That was how I started my day this morning; it’s the little things that make life great.  I’ve just watered my garden whilst waiting for my kettle to boil and now I’m sat with a cracking cup of tea, have you noticed they all involve and tea bag and milk but sometimes some just taste better, this is one of those cups – can my day get any better! Easily pleased me ;) 

I’m looking forward to my weekend, it’s my mom’s birthday on Sunday and my bestie is coming to stay Saturday with her daughter so we’ll have a lovely weekend centred round my awesome mom!  She has requested pizza and scones with clotted cream, my mom not my bestie that is!  My bestie only ever requests lager!  As you can imagine there won’t be weight loss this weekend, however I have decided from Monday morning I’m going to do the first week of Simple Start again, fancy giving my body a week of nothing but healthy.  I intend to do me a meal plan over the weekend so that I have it all sorted ready and I will make a few things ready on Monday so that I don’t get caught out on my busy work days which are going to be super busy because my helper is off to enjoy her well earned holiday, she’s my right hand woman so to speak, I’m also missing other helpers so I’ll be proper shattered by Friday carrying all that stuff in and out of my car and setting up.  Then I have a training day on the Friday, hence I need plenty of good healthy food to keep me feeling my best and give me lots of energy to survive!

Yes I’m looking forward to it to be honest, healthy good recipes are what I shall be looking for this weekend, I know it’s warm weather but I really fancy doing a pan of beef stew so I can go and pick from it as and when. I also fancy trying the sweet potato and spinach curry one of my members has posted in our group, the recipe for that’s in the F&H book I believe. 

But first before I get all excited about food, I need to work, a morning of paperwork, followed by a lovely massage at my favourite Chi Rooms, didn’t have one last week she was on holiday and not sure I’ll be able to fit on in next week either. Then an evening of relaxation, will get an hour in the garden if it isn’t raining by then, but if it is I’ll sit in the kitchen looking at it.  oh that cuppa was lovely, wonder if I can make another one exactly the same, will try in a minute.

Yeah this week has been a good week, we celebrated plenty of weight loss, 5%, 10%’s and also Karen received her gold award yesterday which is always a good thing, we talked about eating out and I managed to resist doing that by ensuring I had a fridge full of food that I knew I had to eat because of sell by dates and not room in the freezer, this was so I wouldn’t be tempted by the takeaways and it worked.  I have been tempted by bread this week though and that has to stop! 

I’m looking forward to refocusing on me from Monday and making me and my weight loss a priority, I’ve even got the info online to give me a refresher, if you’re a monthly pass holder, everything you need to know about Simple Start is here http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=98952

But before I start that I’m looking forward to my weekend, looking forward to spending time with my bestie and celebrating my mom’s birthday, 76 years young and still has mad as a bag of frogs!  She’s the most BeYOUtiful lady I know, she has never lost her ability to see the wonder in everything, I just adore her.  The things that come out of that woman’s mouth just make me laugh so much, and they always have, she has changed a bit, she’s just aged!  Last night she came into the kitchen and said "smell my neck?” so I did and replied “mmm it's nice!” to which she told me "the air freshener squirted me as I came down the stairs!"   Priceless!

I’m hoping this video link works, yesterday I was sat in my office and I could hear mom walking up the stairs making a funny noise so got my phone out ready! This was what happened next... https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152454454205862&l=3375678264166519047

Have a healthy & happy BeYOUtiful, it’s the wonderful little things you need to notice, that’s what’s kept my mom so young of mind. xx

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