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Monday, 28 July 2014

Car Boots & Burgers...

28th July 2014
It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan! 

After getting up at 5am on a Sunday morning and being out of the house by 6, I had a lovely snooze in the garden yesterday afternoon and then decided to have an early night as I have such a busy week and so much to do.  Hence I’m now awake at 5am after a good 8 hours sleep - yeah I woke up a few times but generally it was good quality sleep – and I’m raring to go, I have a ‘to do’ list a foot long and so much I want to get through, my usually chilled out Monday will be more ‘Manic Monday’ today because I’m buzzing with ideas and plans for Bloxwich Carnival on Saturday, we’re off there to spread the Weight Watcher Love!

Essington Car Boot sale was where we spent yesterday morning and I was amazed at how busy it was so early in the morning; I was also a bit surprised at how many people were walking round eating ice cream at 8am!  I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d have happily eaten an ice cream yesterday afternoon but at 8am, well not the best way to start the day, the field was full of people buying and selling their stuff but also burger bars, ice cream vans and hot doughnut stands, temptation is everywhere you go and goes just a little way to explain why 70% of my city is overweight or obese.  I love a burger as much as the next person, but if all we live on is this kind of food we’re heading towards ill health, it isn’t just about our size, it’s all the other factors that go with it.  I felt proud to be on that field with my fellow leader Elle who was my member in my first year as a leader and she lost 5st in a year and has maintained it ever since, can’t beat having the evidence standing there with you, “talking the talk” and “walking the walk”.  I’m hoping to have some of my members with me on Saturday to do the same. 

We had a chat with one chap who said he’d lost 2 stone last year by cutting out his carbs, and then he said he’d put it all back on because he got bored and hungry!  We explained that at Weight Watchers nothing is forbidden, there’s no fasting, no measuring and no counting with Simple Start, we simply have a flexible, no-fuss food plan with all the support you need.  I tried to explain to him that successful weight loss needs to be as effortless as possible and with Simple Start it is, you get to eat tasty, healthy and nutritious foods which are at the heart of our ProPoints system without the distraction of counting or portion control.    And that’s before you even start on the group support which I believe is the main reason Weight Watchers works!  On this occasion I wasn’t successful, I did get him to take a magazine and an information leaflet to read, he seemed convinced that weight loss had to be a miserable journey and it wasn’t possible to enjoy it or keep it off!  So wished he’d have agreed to come to one of my meetings to see that’s not the case!  Hey Ho you can’t win em all, but it’ll never stop me trying to…

I myself have got a fridge full of filling & healthy foods, I won’t lie I was very tempted by the burger bar yesterday, I will own up to partaking in a bacon sarnie when we arrived to start my day off with a bit of naughty, I only ever really eat bacon out of the house as I don’t have the patience to cook it how I like it, really well done - 14pp though!  I did resist the burgers though and when I got home and my bestie and her kids came I made us all a filling & healthy version of burger and chips instead, that’s the last red meat I’ll be having this week, it’ll all about the fish, pulses and grains for me this week, I want to try some new stuff.

Right I better get started on that to do list and hopefully I’ll fit an hour in the garden in this afternoon, all about balance! 

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful.

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