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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Let's do this! Because we can... Because we want to!

15th July 2014
Surround yourself with positive energy.  Good vibes translates into good moods and better health all around.

I had a great day yesterday, it’s amazing how powerful it can be and the effect it can have on you when you surround yourself with inspiring, passionate, like-minded people!  I spent the day with a room full of Weight Watcher leaders and area managers and I came away buzzing with ideas, enthusiasm and motivation to get so much done.  My head was whirring when I got home, I ended up having an early night so I could get rested, ready to put those ideas into action, starting today!

Yep, surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher, it isn’t until you do that you realise how easy it is to get sucked into the energy of the ‘mood hoovers’ (Someone who sucks all the good feelings out a room. They are obsessed with doom and gloom and that is where there conversations are focused), and life really is too short to spend it with people who suck the happiness out of you!

So back to the positive again, it was a fab day, I left early because I’d rather be an hour early than late, I stopped at the services about 3 miles before the hotel and looked through my Eat Out guide for ideas on something for breakfast, and settled on a Subway bacon roll, 7pp, did the job, filled a gap and reminded me why I don’t really go to subway.  Lunch was rushed so I had a sandwich, I’d already decided before going that my working lunch would be my “last supper” before doing ProPoints 100% and aiming to stay within my dailies, weeklies and activities.  However lunch was just lunch, nothing special and most certainly not worth risking a weight loss so I didn’t indulge.  After leaving my meal at the pub on Sunday, I’m still feeling like I’m entitled to a good treat meal, so I stopped on the services on the way home to go to Waitrose to find me a nice ready meal or good salad, and it was like the Universe knew and had provided, there before me was a Waitrose rich & tasty Indian takeaway for two!  Not only that but it was reduced from £9 to £3.60 - it was all over I was sold, mmm, I decided to use it as an educating opportunity for me to take into my meeting, so I worked out the ProPoints in it all, and took photos to show us just how we maybe are misleading ourselves when we eat out and go for a curry! 

So here it is;

The entire plate of food was 23pp (that's half of the box meal) which I actually thought wasn’t bad for what was there, having said that when I think about what comes out of the kitchen in an Indian restaurant, I’m a little terrified of them now as that number would be so much higher, the portions round here are much bigger.    The rice was 7pp per portion, you’d easily be served 10-14pp in my local Indian restaurant and if you had a takeaway, I’d say 20pp.  The bombay potatoes weren’t bad for 3pp, the chicken tikka masala was 4pp in the portion on the plate, it wasn’t very big and there wasn’t much chicken (2 or 3 pieces) max same with the chicken korma which was 6pp, ones I’d order in a restaurant or to be delivered would be bigger and possibly have more oil or cream in them, maybe not though.   Finally that little naan was 3pp (it was about the size of my had and the thickness of a pen), when you think of some of the ‘table sized’ naans you can get, it’s quite scary but easily an normal sized naan locally I would guess to be 25pp as they’re much thicker as well as bigger.  Those table ones have to be 150pp or more.

So the next time you order in or go out to eat, be realistic, maybe share the dishes and the rice and you can still enjoy a good curry, that was a delicious plate of food and with your weeklies, you could easily stay on track.  The next time I fancy an Indian, I’d definitely considered buying that box meal, it was delicious and absolutely filled me up, it also satisfied that desire I’ve had for a ‘treat’ meal since last week, I’m now more than happy to stick to my 26pp a day for the rest of the week, and my app tells me I have 28 weeklies left too, so I better get the pedometer on, I need more activity ProPoints if I want a drink at the weekend!

Yeah if you’ve missed your meeting lately or you’ve been thinking about joining Weight Watchers, I would definitely recommend it because spending time with a room full of motivation and enthusiasm yesterday really helped me, it reminded me how much it works – yep Weight Watchers works because of that group support, that’s for sure.  Together really is better when you all want the same thing, nothing is more powerful than a small group of people who have the same idea and decide they are going to do it!

Have a triumphant day BeYOUtiful, let’s make our environment positive!

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