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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

#SimpleStart food to improve the mood...

8th July 2014
Practice being kind instead of being right…

Another lovely morning by the looks, I waited all day for it to rain as per the forecast and it didn’t, now I’m going to need to go water my plants in case it doesn’t rain today as forecast! 

First day of Simple Start in the bag yesterday, this was my menu;

Breakfast – beans, egg, low calories brown bread, mushrooms
Lunch – vegetarian cottage pie
Tea – beef stew, slice of bread
Snacks – banana, melon, tea & coffee with skimmed milk.

It was an easy first day, I felt like I’d overeaten at the weekend so wasn’t fussed about eating anything that wasn’t ‘proper’ food, I did however struggle to be enthusiastic about anything yesterday though, I felt like I was just going through the motions and that’s not me, I throw myself into everything I do even making a slice of toast I do with gusto, so my mood was definitely not 100%.  More proof that my mood is massively affected by my food and my eating patterns, I feel so much better this morning I can tell already even though no one else is up yet.  

I did manage to cook though, so I have leftover beef stew today, oh my favourite and it’s a good pan of it too, so I will enjoy living off that today, I have defrosted a piece of salmon though so might have it just for one meal, and salmon for the other, get a bit of balance, I’m thinking brown rice with some frozen veg.  I put all sorts in my cottage pie – onions, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, peas and edamame beans, great way to get lots of your five a day into your diet.

I even managed some of this college course I signed up for, got to say I’ll be glad when it’s done, I thought I wanted to study but this has proved I really don’t, not enough hours in the day, I’ll stick to learning from books when I have time and I’m in the mood, then I enjoy it more.  It’s a nutrition course so it’s not like I don’t know the information, maybe that’s why I’m not enjoying it so much.  I also don’t agree with all of it ;0) which because of how education is, I’m not allowed to disagree in the answers!  This week I’ve got to keep a food diary for the assessment and log my calorie / fat / sugar / salt intake, when all I can say is calorie counting is boring and time consuming and I’m glad I only need to do it for a week!  Be interesting to look at my fat, sugar and salt intake though.  I already know I probably eat too much salt because I love the stuff, I don’t add it to my cooking very often though, only to the food once it’s on the table but that’s still probably too much.  

Right it’s a short one today, I need to get myself into gear, short staffed and lots to do means I need to be organised this week, I’ve also got training on Friday in Dudley, thinking of going for a walk round the zoo afterwards, if it’s not raining of course – not so much fun then!  We shall see, but first to work. 

Have a tremendous Tuesday, let’s all be BeYOUtiful.

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