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Monday, 7 July 2014

Glorious morning for a walk....

7th July 2014
It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. Confucious
Food glorious Food, need the healthy kind back in my life from today though, I’ve never been so happy to be starting a week of Simple Start!  A little of what you fancy does you good but a whole two days of it makes me feel yak, yesterday I felt uncomfortable, stodgy and bloated, so I’m more than happy to be getting on track.  I’m thinking a late breakfast of beans, egg and toast as I’ve not long been up, just watered the plants.  Later I’m going to make a bit pan of beef stew  or a casserole as I’ve been fancying that all week, I’ve also looked at what I have in the freezer and I reckon I can do the week with what’s in there and just might need to buy a few vegetables which is a bonus.

We had a lovely day yesterday, my brother and sister popped round on the morning to wish mom a happy birthday, then we spent the rest of the day doing what we do best – chilling out and enjoying the peace.  It looks like another lovely day is on the cards looking out of the window so we’ll enjoy it until it changes its mind,

Interrupting this blog to walk an impatient dog – back soon….

So we're out walking now, hope mom doesn't wake up and wined where we are as I forgot to leave a note by her door!

Looking back over photos the last few days has reminded me how active I have been over the years, too much at times because I ended up with injuries and some of them are still there if I start being "too active".  It did make me want to get my move on though I some way. I love walking, even being out with the dog now whilst typing this fed therapeutic almost, I get a calmness from walking that I've never been able to get from anything else.  I used to get up at stupid o'clock on a Saturday morning and drive to Wales to walk up a big hill! 

Circumstances now don't make that quite so easy to do but there are walks closer to home I can do I'm sure. Yeah that's going on the to do list, it'll probably be minus the dog because he just doesn't want to walk far these days. 

We're doing an hour walk Sunday on the chase, that'll be a nice start. We're all donating £2 to diabetes UK and just enjoying each other's company. Here's the details if you'd like to join us;


I do like to walk alone though, shame it's not safe to walk along the canal paths on your own because they are glorious at this time of year.

I need to remind myself a walk doesn't have to be half a day, an hour is fine and would do me the world of good, I also don't need to go miles, we have lovely farmers fields with paths through they'd be just fine. Yeah I do enjoy a good walk, it's just that Alfie isn't the best walking partner anymore!

Doing more of what makes your heart sing is definitely the route to a happy life I believe.

I need to prioritise and make time to do the things I love as should we all.  I love eating good food so I need to make the time to cook it, I enjoy seeing beautiful flowers in my back garden so I must make time to tend it.  I don't obviously have to do any of these things but if you enjoy or want something surely it's a no brainer to prioritise those things!

So this week for me is all about the Simple Start, first week of it so I get the two treats a day, I'm looking forward to making it enjoyable and delicious.

Very busy week ahead, quite a few of my helpers are away so I need to get organised!

Here's to a good day in every way xx


*Home now & she’s still asleep, never even noticed I’d gone!

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