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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Sh&t happens!

3rd July 2014
Whatever you believe about yourself on the inside is what you will manifest on the outside.  BeYOUtiful. 

Bit of an odd subject for some, so early in the morning but I’ll talk about anything at anytime me!  I Can’t remember if I mentioned it in my blog, but there was a toilet accident in our house last weekend which we decided rather than get upset over it and make a ‘thing’ about it, we’d agree “Sh&t happens!”  We choose to laugh through the crazy in our house because otherwise it can get to you, it’s far too easy to take yourself too seriously in this world and get consumed by all the stresses and strains of life I believe.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t’ always laugh, but my screaming and shouting whilst being loud is always short lived, I’ll have my rant or my moan about whatever, then I’ll move on!  Anyway yesterday when the post arrived there was a small parcel for mom, she opened it and inside there was a framed photo of a grubby looking toilet shack and the words “Twinned with the Longsden’s toilet”, there was also a card with ‘Enjoy your loo, happy birthday’ but nothing about who’d sent it.  Instantly I knew it was something to do with my brother and when I read the info on the postcard I smiled and explained to mom that by buying mom this gift Ian had sponsored a toilet in a community in Ethiophia and it was helping to flush away poverty by investing in good sanitation and clean drinking water.  What a fantastic gift, a constant reminder of how good we’ve got it, however many toilet accidents that may occur in this house in the future!  (http://www.toilettwinning.org/what-is-toilet-twinning/ Toilet Twinning is raising funds for founder charities Cord and Tearfund, to enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, a decent toilet, and to learn about hygiene – a vital combination that prevents the spread of disease, reduces the number of deaths among children, and brings hope for the future.  (I’ve wrote this last bit because moms memory isn’t great and I print my blog out so she can be reminded of why that photos in the toilet as often as she needs to - I'll delete this bit before printing :) )  

So your thought for the day, whatever life throws at you at least you have a clean running fresh water from the tap and a clean toilet!

Choosing to let stuff go and focus on the happy makes a heck of a difference to the thoughts that occur in your head!  

Who would you be without that thought? 

It’s a great question to ask yourself when you find yourself over-thinking stuff or getting yourself wound up over something.  If you actually decide to lose the thought instantly, the feeling of relief can be amazing – try it, it’s brilliant honestly, you have to actually let go of the thought completely, not just say it and if you can it really is liberating.  I’m doing it all the time, if something starts to stress me out or wind me up I have this internal dialogue with myself which starts with that question, and then a lot of “what if” kind of thoughts follow but not the negative ‘what if’s’ like “what if it all goes wrong”, more “what if you do decide to let it go, then what happens?”  Because think about it, situations happen, things occur and you get to choose your response, which is better a stressed out negative “it always happens to me” kind of response or a “hey ho, so this has happened, now what….”

The first means I’d end up playing out a scenario in my head which goes along the ‘woe is me’ kind of theme and I’ll end up feeling totally miserable because not only has something not so good happened but I’ve decided to dwell on it and let it affect my mood even more than necessary.  However if I decide “okay so that happened and it’s not good but it’s happened and I can’t change that fact so what do I do know that’ll improve the situation?”  That gives me back some sense of control and I don’t have to let it affect my mood or any other part of my life.  Much better all round I think!

I am aware that my blogs have gone a little deep into moods and thoughts this week, it’s just because I’ve become aware of mine and I’m questioning them instead of letting them consume me which would be so easy as I see it happening every day to others.  Our thoughts come and go, however we can encounter real turmoil if we choose to believe some of those thoughts, which is why it’s good to question them and ask ourselves “is that really true?”

These are questions that keep me smiling, there’s not a magic trick, or a drug I take daily to do that, it’s just that I do my best to focus on the positives, and when I find myself getting dragged into that negative thinking, I bring out these questions to bring me back to a more happier reality because as I’m sure I said earlier in the week, at some point we all end up in a box, so we may as well enjoy the box-free years and make them happy. x

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, remember you’re gorgeous now you only need focus on getting healthy & happy you can’t be any more BeYOUtiful. x

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