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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Healthy KFC, that'll do me! I'm luvin it...

29th August 2014

BeYOUtiful begins the moment you decide to be yourself. xx

Tired ain’t the word the morning, I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’ve had my pint of water and chance to wake up but at the minute I could happily go get back in bed and snooze, yet I had an early night, what’s that all about!  I did have a crazy busy day yesterday though which is normally my day off so maybe that has something to do with it.  On the positive, I’m all set for Bloxwich Carnival on Saturday and I have some of my BeYOUtiful members coming to help me out so I’m looking forward to a fun day of giggles.

One thing about being busy is food only gets thought of at meal times, yesterday I forgot to have breakfast and it was 11 ish by the time my belly started talking, so I had a yogurt and strawberries, followed an hour later by couscous, St agur cheese, Warburton thin & salad.  Tea was delicious, it did look great on the plate but it tasted divine, it was a KFC style coating I used on some chicken;

KTC original chicken fry mix, works out at 8pp per 100g powder, I reckon on 2 chicken breasts 8pp, chopped up I used about 3pp worth, then 2pp for an egg which half of which was actually left in the bowl, so 6pp each for some KFC style chicken, bargain!  If you’re doing Filling and Healthy you’ve only got to ProPoint the seasoning! Result!  Thank you AnnMarie for picking it up for me in Asda, she bought me the garlic spray light too which I’m also loving, sprayed it on my corn on the cob before roasting at the weekend, it was scrumptious, I know Ann’s made garlic bread with hers using the Weight Watcher Petit Pains, again that’d be free on Filling & Healthy, she put them on the George Foreman I think.   Oh I never got to try the strawberry flavoured grapes on the photo but I’m reliably informed they’re weird! 

We’ll be having salmon today cooked with those Maggi flavoured papyrus, and I’m going to have leftover strawberries and yogurt for breakfast I thinks, might throw a slice of jam on toast in for good measure.

Watched Obese, a year to save my life last night (think that’s what it’s called), I don’t usually watch those kind of programmes but we flicked channels and I heard my name so stopped, turned out she was called Bev too, made me sad watching it because overeating can be a real issue, the only reason I carried on watching it was obviously her name was Bev but the first few seconds she was saying how she loved food but I was watching her eat and she was shoving it in and not even paying attention to it!  It becomes like an addiction and we’re not even tasting it anymore, that’s not a love of food at all, that’s an obsession and it isn’t the same.

Just as a weight problem isn’t always about food, more often than not it’s about mood; it’s about our emotions, what’s going on in our lives!  I’m sure everyone will agree, it’s much easier to lose weight when you’re in a great place emotionally and your life is all good!  I’m not talking about losing that extra ½ - 1 stone you may be carrying because you genuinely love food and find it difficult to control your portions or you just have that extra bit of something nice.  I’m talking more when you have a good few stone to lose because you know deep down it’s affecting your health, you want to lose weight but you just feel like you can’t, it’s so hard, you start the day in the ‘let’s be good’ frame of mind but come teatime it’s gone, you’re in the kitchen looking for the solutions to all your life problems in the fridge and unfortunately they’re not there, they are just helping to create yet another problem, but for tonight it’s easing your pain, taking your mind of your drama and for a short while making you feel good and supplying you with a short stream of pleasure sensations!  Oh yeah I’ve been there!   Not been there for a while, but I have most definitely been that person, sitting eating something and at the same time thinking to myself, “what am I doing! I want to lose weight, oh sod it I’ll start tomorrow, right now this tastes delicious and thinking about my weight problem is taking my mind off all the real bigger, more serious problems I have right now and that’s quite a nice feeling, it’s a calm place where all my troubles have been put on hold, I like it here, I’ll stay a while, at least till bed time, then I’ll tackle reality again in the morning!”

Writing that’s just bought back some sad tears to my eyes because I can remember feeling that way and it’s horrible, it feels like a never-ending vicious cycle that you’ll be stuck in forever.  The truth is though I’m smiling again now because it doesn’t have to be that cycle, I broke out and so can everyone, it just takes a little bit of self belief, possibly some life changes not just to your diet to your life, if there’s something making you feel that way, then something has to change OR if you truly believe that ‘something’ can’t be changed then you have to accept it and find a way to deal with it that doesn’t make you miserable! 

Focus on the positives and start sorting the negatives – it can be done, I did it, is it easy – NO!  Is it worth it – Abso-bloomin-lutely!

Am I cured – NOPE!  Do I still go back to that person when a new problem rears its head, yeah sometimes but I quickly recognise what’s going on and work on rectifying it, which is why I’ve managed to keep off 3 stone, mostly because I now live a life I love (most of the time anyways!).

That’s enough serious from me this morning, went a little deep then for 5am on a Tuesday morning didn’t I! 

Let’s BeYOUtiful today, focus on the healthy and happy and take care of us. Xx We are after all very much worth it!

And good news, I’ve woke up – that pint of water has done the trick!

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