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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

It's nice to be nice!

2nd July 2014
You have exactly on life in which to do everything you’ll ever do – act accordingly!

When I realised yesterday that we’d started the second half of the year, I  looked to see the weight loss I my meetings for the first half of the year and it was a staggering 12,357lb – 883 stone, how incredible is that.  It’s good to focus on the positives and celebrate the good stuff in life don’t you think, I try to do that all the time, it makes for a happier life.

When was the last time you thanked someone for a job well done, complimented them on something or just told them they were brill?  We’re all quick to complain when something isn’t done how it should be or if we’re dissatisfied but not so quick with the opposite behaviour.  Yesterday someone paid me a compliment over the phone and made my day, there’s nothing better than being told you’re good at what you do, and the fact that someone’s gone out of the way to tell you is just a great feeling.  So make today compliment day, get out there and say nice things, obviously mean them don’t just make stuff up for the sake of it – that’ ain’t the same!

One thing that’s making it hard to love at the moment is my computer, it takes longer to start up than ever and it keeps saying “not responding” how easy would it be to throw it out the window!  Instead I shall run the clean up maintenance thing this morning and see if that helps!  Until then I’ll walk at the computers pace rather than mine.

Had a lovely dinner yesterday ginger, chilli & lime chicken breast, garlic mushrooms, roast veg with brown rice 12pp, of course if you were on F&H you could make a version of that from scratch yourself, but I was going for convenience and opted for pre-ready stuff, the chicken was already flavoured, the mushrooms were even already garlicked ;) and the rice was microwave rice, I only used a third of the rice on each dinner and had the last third for tea made fried rice with mushrooms and an egg for 5pp with it.  The chicken was delicious and I would definitely have those in the freezer as a back up when I’m in a rush, 5pp each and in the 3 for £10 range in Waitrose (posh ay I! Not really that’s about the same price as you’d pay in most supermarkets and the quality was excellent).

Oh I do love food!  I really do and this week we’re talking about eating out which is one of my favourite things to do and something you can do on the Weight Watchers plan which is just one of many reasons why I love it.  By the end of the week, I just know I’m going to want to go out for a meal, I already want a Chinese takeaway after last night’s chat, it’s a good job my memory sucks because hopefully I’ll forget that soon enough.  There’s too much food in my fridge to be eating out this week, got to work my way through that lot first!  

I do love having a fridge full of lots of different good quality, healthy food, isn’t it funny what floats our boat, for me opening a fridge and seeing delicious food makes me smile.  I think it’s because when we were kids we were hard up, there wasn’t much choice in our house for your tea, and it was egg and chips or chips and eggs, not much of a decision there at all.  Which is probably why these days food shopping is something I enjoy so much, it makes me feel rich, not rich but you get my gist, it makes me free like we’ve come a long way, it’s the one thing I don’t skimp on, if it looks delicious and nutritious I’m putting it in the trolley.  I’d rather go without other things to eat well and my other thought pattern is, I’m eating less to maintain my weight so that food can be good quality grub!

I’ve bought fruit this week, the next step is to actually eat it, it’s not even that I don’t like it, I just don’t snack so never think about it, but there’s a couple of melons in the kitchen and I need to chop them up and eat them, that’s today’s mission – remembering to have melon for an afternoon snack!  

Anyway I’m waffling again, I do that when I haven’t got anything specific to blog about, I just thought to myself when I write who am I talking to and the answer is I don’t know really – anyone who’s listening ;) I just like to clear my mind of any thoughts before I start my day, it’s very therapeutic.

So have a fantastic day BeYOUtiful, don’t forget to go pay some compliments, make someone feel good like that lady on the phone did me yesterday.  Be the reason someone smiles today. Xx

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